Don't Pamper the Dump: Proper Waste Management and Disposal Tips

Don't Pamper the Dump: Proper Waste Management and Disposal Tips

I'm sure you already had enough with all the fuzz going around about climate change with a lot of people calling for a greener and cleaner environment. Well, aside from efforts being asked from the authorities, we can all agree that it all root down on the basic units of the society; the family and you. How? the answer is right in your trash bins. Right, waste management and disposal.

Let me make thinks easier to understand with this fresh yet familiar triple R formula: I call it Reuse, Reduce and Revamp.

Reuse and recycle

We heard this words for more than a million times already. Yet, it's still hard to get some sense out of it. All we know that when it comes to saving the environment, this is the first thing that everyone should do. But, the question is. Are we doing through the right means and with the right purpose?

In our homes for example, recycling clothing to be reused as rugs may seem like the right thing to do. But, it is actually not recycling at all because we remove it's actual purpose and convert it into something else. So, why not donate or trade with other families? Especially those that are still decent and can still be used. Why destroy it just to find it ending up on the trash?

Appliances can also be recycled instead of being thrown away. This way we can reduce our mechanical and technological footprint. It can be traded as well if you don't have the enough skills to work on them yourself. Give chance to the mechanics or Craftsmen to find value in them.

Compost food scraps are things that shouldn't be left with all the other kinds of waste. Instead you can make a simple composter pit in your home where you can put your own food scraps and with proper research, I'm sure you'll find a purpose for them such as a fertilizer for your plants or as an ingredient for projects or experiments.

Last but not the least, re-usable shopping bags are available on almost a grocery stores today. So, using them is a wise choice as these are not only better for the environment but they are stronger than any plastic or paper bag available. It is also important to note that bags are not the only reusable things that can be useful for you. You just have to check and find out.


Paper is the recyclable material that is thrown away the most by most households . A great way to reduce the amount of paper you use is to switch out paper towels for reusable cloth rags such as Lola's Wowables which can be washed and reused.

Avoid single use plastic cups, containers as well as cleaning materials because you are only increasing the world's waste. Check Lola products to find reusable and environment friendly cleaning tools that will keep not only your home but also the world clean.


Ditch your usual cleaning tradition and equipment. Do not settle for cheap but inefficient materials. Instead, equip materials that are durable, multi-purpose and environment-friendly. Luckily, Lola has all this. So, you can now say goodbye to your plastics tools which brings nothing but toxic to our surrounding.

And this brings us to the bonus R which is Responsibility for without any sense of it, no matter how well-equipped you are, you will fail to keep your home bright, clean and happy.

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