Green Home for the Green Hand: How to Clean Your House and Your Garden

Green Home for the Green Hand: How to Clean Your House and Your Garden

If you think about it, a home designed with different sorts of plants and flowers seems to be a pleasant sight. But, imagine how you're gonna set it a up. Right! I'm sure the image that goes around your head right now is full of messy and dirt. But, worry not because this will help you out.

What decorates our home best aside from the natural fragrant flowers that we usually see? Almost nothing. Right? This is just one reason why it's worthy to give your lawn and garden some attention.

Here we will discuss some tips on how to maintain a home while you're doing some gardening:

Regularly pick up the obvious stuff. You’ll likely need to go around your yard and pick up litter, dog waste, and larger plant debris (like fallen branches) from time to time. Be sure to use a pair of gloves and beware of broken glass or you can use Lola Whisk Broom to brush the debris and prevent your hands from getting dirty. It is also important to take note that leaving debris on your lawn can prevent new, healthy grass from growing in.

Now that you are all clear,  it's time to take a clean your lawn and get rid of any remaining dead leaves, twigs, and pinecones using Angle Broom and make your lawn nice and healthy and ready for new plants. You can also plough to to your land. If you don't want any other weeds from going on it. After all this work, you have to clean your equipment because leaving it unclean for too long will allow different elements to combine and it may poison the soil. You can use Lola Any Which Way Flexible Scrub Brush to clean them "any which way" you want.

This could also be applied on the materials that you will use to clean up your garden beds. This includes scissors or small garden shears which can be used to eliminate dead leaves and stalks from perennial plants and ornamental grasses. It is practical to keep the tools clean especially if you plan to bring them within the house or use them on other tasks.

Remember to always inspect your tools including your lawnmower, your hedge trimmer, and your whipper-snipper and clean them up before growing season hits in full force. Make sure all blades are sharp and rust-free, look for cracks and other signs of wear in visible belts. Rest assured that in every part of cleaning them, Lola is there to offer things that may come in handy for you.

Make sure you fully understand the plants, shrubs that you will put into your garden. Also check of they are compatible to live on the same soil. It is also crucial to check if they attract insect and other organisms that may also live near your home. Being knowledgeable about this may save you from sickness that may come into your door due to mismanagement.

Your tool storage regardless whether it's inside or outside your home, must be well maintained to prolong the longevity and durability of the gardening and cleaning equipment.

Your plants are not the only thing that requires tender loving care because you can only provide these with properly maintained tools and a clean surrounding. Keeping yourself sound and healthy is also a must because the caretaker is the one responsible of it all and without you, the garden is no different from a little forest of wold grass filled with critters and crawlers.

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