Dealing with a Messy Kid's Room

Dealing with a Messy Kid's Room

Our children explore their world one disaster at a time. But it’s completely normal for them to delve into things. It is not the stage of their life where they fully understand how to be responsible, so they lack awareness of the consequences of their actions. They also don’t feel a sense of commitment so being reckless is more enjoyable to them now.

We must understand that they are driven by curiosity with the desire to be independent even without fully developed manual skills. We should not resort to violence but instead guide them. This may be a good start to inserting certain practices like cleaning into their lives.

Whether its wall drawings, clutter of toys, dirty laundry, or spilled drinks, we are here help to out with all your kid’s dirty business.

For now, let us focus on their room and let us start with wiping up messes: It’s good if you let your child to have their cleaning cloth and just give guidance while they are cleaning. Not only will this practice their motor skills, but it will also teach them a lesson that their actions do have consequences.

We recommend Wowables™ on this important moment. It is made to be handle on hands so your kid will be protected and taken care of. It will surely get the job done as it is made durable and treated with anti-microbial and stain-removing agents.

For stains and dust build-up that are beyond your arm’s reach, Our Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ will make cleaning easier. With its extendable handle and adhesive head, all sorts of filth whether under your kid’s bed or up on his room’s ceiling will be collected. It is also refillable so you can use the whole thing repeatedly without having to buy a new one.

Spills and leaks are also inevitable sometimes when kids are around. It is a common consequence of their playfulness. Instead of always trying to police them during their playtime, why not also teach them to clean after themselves. So, they know that they should be careful next time or else they will be spending extra time fixing the mess they’ve made.

Unnecessary moisture can be dealt with easily with Cellulose Sponge Cloth. It is a combination of practicality and effectiveness because it is super absorbent, dries fast, and reusable. All you have to do is to wash it with water and wring it out and you can already use it again not only for your kid’s room but all around the house.

Decluttering of toys is also one of the major things that you must do inside your kid’s room. You can use an organizer or a couple of storage boxes to keep toys and other belongings after they are used.

Guiding your kid to put their things in order until he/she makes it a habit is vital, so you won’t be obliged to check on their room every time. Dealing with your child’s messy room doesn’t mean you have to clean it all the time. There will come a time that they need to be responsible for themselves. So now that they are little it is also important that you prepare them by asking them to do small and simple tasks.

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