Best Way to Clean and Maintain a Washing Machine

Best Way to Clean and Maintain a Washing Machine

We do not know if you have been asked the question “How do you wash a washer?” before but for us, it is a topic interesting to discuss. Knowing how to properly maintain the washing machine is vital as it is the very appliance that help us clean the clothes we use to protect and style ourselves with.

Now, we would like to share these practical ideas on how to thoroughly clean your laundry rig:

Check and Empty All Pockets

Before putting any clothing on the washing machine, make sure you check out all pockets for anything that may get into the engine and cause malfunction. Coins and other metal items are the most common type of debris that can damage your clothes and cause leak to your washing machine.

Look for hidden pockets as well because they may also contain something that can harm the machine’s inner drum and outer tub. Be careful in picking up these debris as well in case you forgot to remove them before starting the cleaning cycle. Be cautious when using tools such as tweezers or pliers so you will not scratch the insides of your washing machine or accidentally push the coins or metal item even further.

Detergent Drawer

The build-up of detergent due to lack of cleaning may cause efficiency problems and may encourage the growth of mold/mildew. Regularly cleaning it is essential, though it is not always easy. You may be required to soak it in a sink from time to time to help soften and remove soap residue.

Once the soap residue is soft enough, you can just brush it off effortlessly with Lola Scrub Brush. Do this regularly to help make sure your machine is always at its best performance.

Do not Forget About the Outside of The Washing Machine

It is important that you clean and remove stains and other filths not only within your machine but also outside it in order to help your machine last longer. By doing so you are also preventing the development of bad odor which may be passed into the clothes you are washing.

You can use either Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ to wipe off stains, pick up lint or pet fur, or our Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe Cloth to thoroughly and gently wipe the surfaces for scratch less cleaning.

Thoroughly wash the interior

Lint may form bundles or may be passed down to other pieces clothing causing hard to remove or even irreversible damage. It can also affect the machine’s efficiency and even become a cause of fire. So, it is important that you check for the lint trap from time to time and make sure you are always emptying it after every load 

Just remove the screen and wipe the edges with Wowables™ to remove the lint and prevent it from clogging. Make sure you also check around the drum, and in the vents because lint may also be trapped in these parts. 

Just remember to wipe it all around from time to time and allow to air dry by opening the machine’s door.

Do not overload

Keeping your machine’s load balanced is a must to keep it from vibrating and shaking which can damage it. Washing just one bulky item usually create an unbalanced load. So, if you are washing a large comforter, just add some small towels to balance the load while if you are washing pillows, wash a pair instead of one. Take note that it is better to always follow the recommended load weight to prolong your washing machine’s lifespan and longevity.

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