How to Clean Kitchen Utensils & Objects that Require Special Treatment

How to Clean Kitchen Utensils & Objects that Require Special Treatment

Cooking and other kitchen utensils & devices are almost family members especially to those who really love cooking. It is important to treat all equipment with the utmost care, however, many might not know that certain utensils cannot be cleaned thru normal methods. For us to keep them functioning, we have to know the best way to maintain them. So here, we have listed some of the most common kitchen equipment along with how and why to maintain them.


These are the one of the most frequently used devices in most kitchens. We use it to cut different varieties of food such as meat, fruit and even inedible materials sometimes.  Many things such as cutting boards can dull the knives, so keeping them sharp and drying them before storing is very important to extend the life.

Chopping boards

Just as with knives, cutting boards are exposed to many different substances and elements.  Most wood or bamboo cutting boards just need a quick wipe with a soapy sponge, but must be dried thoroughly before storing to avoid bacteria from growing.

Wooden ladle

Unlike the metal ones, these more sensitive to water and liquid materials.  If not kept dry and free of extra moisture after washing, these can have a tendency to decompose or deteriorate.

Metal bowls

Rust is the common enemy when it comes to metal bowls.  Make sure to get stainless steel as this material cannot rust. Always use plastic utensils with metal so they don't get scratched.

Electric equipment

We all know that the kitchen can be one of the messiest places, so more than likely, there’s dirt, moisture and other stuff everywhere. In addition to being very careful where you plug in and use electrical equipment in the kitchen, you also need to be aware of how to clean it.  Most of these can be cleaned with a quick wipe with a moist sponge.  Make sure not to get water in the motor.

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