Maintaining a Neat Home Using These Household Items

Maintaining a Neat Home Using These Household Items

Finding the right things to use when cleaning our home is a major dilemma for most of us. It can be very frustrating.  But did you know that you might already have some of the best cleaning materials in the cabinets of your home without you even knowing it?

Here, we’ll help you out with a list of how and what you can use to make your home a cleaner and better one.

Lemon Juice and Vinegar

What bacteria can’t be beaten by the power of acid x 2? All those dirty corners and tiles on your kitchen and bathroom can be easily safeguarded by these two ingredients. Just combine them and wipe everything clean.

Milk and Cold Water

Have you cracked your mother’s vases or plates? Want to fix them instantly as if nothing happened?  Just dip and soak them for 3 days and your plates will be back to normal and as white as pearl. They are now cleaner and stronger as before.

Lemon and Honey

Do you think these are just ingredients for a healthy drink? Then you may be underestimating them. Combining these into a solution can be used to wipe smooth and clean out surfaces from dirt, scratches and stains.

Black Coal and Vinegar

Are you troubled by your smelly refrigerator because of the different things you put inside? Solve it instantly by wiping it with vinegar after defrosting, then leave a cup of black coal to absorb all the bad smells that may be left over.

Ice and Oil

Bubble gum can become like concrete once it solidifies, under the tables and even on your clothing. Well, worry no more, because by rubbing it with ice then pouring some oil on it afterwards, that piece of gum can easily be removed.

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