Germ Infested Areas of Your Home, You Might NOT Be Aware of

Germ Infested Areas of Your Home, You Might NOT Be Aware of

Our home is supposed to be a safe haven for us and for our family. Making sure it’s clean is an ongoing chore. Unfortunately, there are several places in the home where bacteria accumulates, and we are not even aware of it. See below for a list of places where bacteria love to hide.

Door Knobs/Handles

It is not possible to enter and exit your home, rooms and other places without using door knobs and handles. In addition, other members of the household also use the door knobs and handles. As a result, bacteria accumulates, and spreads from one person to the next.

Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

People are always setting stuff down on kitchen and bathroom tiles.  Every time something is set down, bacteria is more than likely left thru contact.  These germs are being passed from item to item every time something touches these areas.

Toilet Bowl

While toilet water is actually some of the cleanest water, the same cannot be said for the toilet bowl, so beware.


Toothbrushes are usually left in the bathroom on the counter or near the sink. Unless dried immediately, bacteria can and will grow merely because the toothbrush will remain moist. Remember that we put this in our mouth, so germs can easily be transmitted.

Gadgets and Toys

You and your kids love playing with your gadgets and other toys without knowing the clear and present danger that exists. Millions of bacteria are present because these things are not usually being cleaned on a regular basis, but they are being held by many hands.

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