Choosing the Best Wet Mop

Choosing the Best Wet Mop

In professional cleaning, using of wet mops is said to be the second step in cleaning a surface. Over the years, the wet mop is our ally in sweeping over surfaces to dissolve and absorb excess moisture, fat, mud, and dried-in liquid contaminations.

Common wet mops consist of a flat sheet of microfiber textile or a sheet with a surface of looped yarn. But since it was invented, introduction of new refinements and variations of mop designs never ceased.

Wet mops are still widely used all over the world nowadays. But almost every manufacturer has integrated their own touch to the design of the common wet mop especially us at Lola who creatively thought of innovations that can make its use easier and more convenient. Here are some of our wet mop products:

COTTON FLOOR WET MOP W/ SCUFF REMOVER™ - This high-quality mop is engineered with a soft cotton banded floor mop yarn head that is exceptionally absorbent. Its looks may resemble the typical wet mop but if you look closely, there is an attached scuff removing scrub pad to help remove and collect different types of dirt, debris and stains from floors.

WET & DRY SWEEPER FLOOR MOP STARTER KITThis one has a wide head that is perfect when sweeping floors in a horizontal direction. Its head can be refilled with our very own dry cloth to trap dirt, dust, and hair, leaving not even an ounce of residue. It is also infused with spring lock technology so the mop automatically goes into its scrubbing position, while its easy clamp and clip connector is built to make it easier and faster for you to replace its mop head.

THE REVOLUTION™ MICROFIBER SPIN MOP SYSTEMAs one of Lola’s top-notch braided microfiber mops, this one performs at maximum efficiency and outstanding absorbency to remove even the toughest dirt and grime on any hard surface. We have integrated telescoping technology in its handle so its pump handle can be pushed down easily. It is also designed with its own built-in wringer spin-cycle technology which allows for complete control of the drying and wringing out of the mop to your desired moisture level.

THE EVOLUTION™ MICROFIBER SELF-WASHING MOP SYSTEMMeanwhile, this mop system comes with a heavy duty, dual compartment bucket which allows its user to process washing and drying. It is specifically made to clean any hard surface including hardwood, tile, ceramic, marble and many other types of floors.

Its super absorbent microfiber pad with poly fiber scrubbing bristles gently scrubs while mopping and makes it capable of cleaning even with the use of commercial cleaning chemicals. The easy-to-assemble 4-piece swivel action mop handle is there for you to give you comfortable grip while its rotating cap allows swivel action that lets the mop to get through very hard-to-reach corners.

MICROFIBER SPRITZ N' MOP - Last but not the list, one of our most innovative and creative ideas is this mop which has a built-in refillable bottle which dispenses any cleaning liquid of your choice. It also gives you access to a spray nozzle which disperses the fluid in an evenly distributed fan pattern, so you won’t have to go back to the same spot to spray additional cleanser.

Just like our other mops, it also has a 360 Swivel head to let you clean all-around the house and a microfiber pad which is safe for all kinds of hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, marble, stone, and vinyl.

With our products, we aim to make cleaning with the wet mop much more exciting and motivating. We hope these creative ideas inspire you in giving value to cleaning. Be safe folks!

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