Cleaning Etiquette You have to Take Note when Staying in a Hotel Room

Cleaning Etiquette You have to Take Note when Staying in a Hotel Room

Since vaccines are now available and vaccinations are already on going, people around the world are almost out of COVID-19’s grip. Resorts and hotels will be among the go-to places of people during post-pandemic.

For people who are so excited to go out due to the long period of quarantine and isolation, we have some reminders about the right cleaning practices when in a vacation and staying at a hotel. Below are some of the places within a hotel room that you should keep clean not only for the sake of hygiene but also to prevent irreparable damage.

Bed – We will not tell you to make your bed or to fold your sheets after using them. Those are completely up to you. But what we will be asking you is to avoid staining the sheets as much as possible. If you cannot avoid eating, drinking liquor or juice in your bed, then make sure you prepare some clean cloth to catch spills and leaks. You can use Wowables™ Cleaning towel in this matter. It is made with durable materials that can withstand being wet and stained so you just have to wash it after every use. With Wowables, you don’t need to use paper towels and tissues ever again!

Tables – Whether you have side tables or a dining table in your room, you or your things will be exposed to their surface. This will make them prone to germs and bacteria that can stick and reproduce into them. However, don’t worry, because you can stop that from happening before it’s too late. We have Lola Dust Pan and Brush Set Clip-on that you can use to sweep aside and collect dust, dirt, and other debris on all types of surfaces for easy and convenient disposal.

Bathroom, toilet bowl, and sink – How to prevent the growth of grout, stains, and molds in your short stay during your vacation. These can affect the durability of the tiles and can cause bad odor to the bathroom. Regularly remove hair on drains to prevent them from building up or swirling down the drain. This can also save you money from severe clogging.

Personal drinking containers and Utensils – You’ll have no worry cleaning your drinking bottles and mugs with Lola Eco-Clean™ Bamboo Bottle Brush. It is an eco-friendly and handy cleaning tool that you can carry with you during your outdoor trips. It is also durable, making it perfect for vacation getaways. Meanwhile, our Soap Dispensing Dish Wand is an all-around tool that can diffuse its own dishwashing liquid and can clean your personal utensils. With it, you can wash your own utensils in your hotel room right after using them.

Please do not be complacent just because you know that there are utility people who will be cleaning after your mess. Your repetitive actions will become your habit. That is why it is better to be hygienic, so you’ll know the proper cleaning practices not only when you are in a hotel but actually wherever you are. 

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