Must have Cleaning Tools When You Are Living In The Woods

Must have Cleaning Tools When You Are Living In The Woods

Oh how nice it is to live in a fancy cabin in the middle of the woods living a simple and discreet life far from the buzz of the cities.  Living in a secluded and safe location is not only enjoyable, but challenging as well, especially when it comes to cleaning.

People commonly make it their goal to be as natural as possible. However, the downfall of this is they often settle for what is available around them. This is usually not enough for their cleaning needs,

We at Lola find this unnecessary. Therefore, we should put out misuse of water and electricity out of the picture. Instead, we will teach you how to use your resources in cleaning responsibly.

We are also some perfect products that you can use to live splendidly:

Wowables™ Cleaning Towel

If you want cleaning with minimal to no-use of water, then grab some rolls of this product and start stocking them at home. They are biodegradable, reusable, and 100% efficient in cleaning surfaces.

If you are wiping pieces of furniture and aims to make them dust-free, this cleaning cloth will help you get it done in no time!

It also serves as a potholder or placemat to protect the dinner table from watermarks, food stains or extreme heat. Do not worry about stains because it is washable and you can use it again after.

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™

This one is an all-around cleaning mop that takes care of your floor, ceiling and walls. With its sticky paper-cleaning sheet, there is no need for water anymore. Instead, you just have to tear it after use.

This giant adhesive roller mop allows you to pick up all types of dirt, dust, fur, and other debris! Initial tests also showed that it picks up 60 times more than competitor brands.

Therefore, rest assured that it’s a job finished even in the middle of nowhere. It is perfect for hard surfaces such as wood, tile, even carpets and rugs!

Corn Broom

Nature surrounds you more than most of us; but it is also more likely for you to feel its presence through pieces of leaves and twigs often carried by the wind. Do not worry though; you have Lola’s Corn broom.

Available in large and extra-large sizes, so feel free to choose what size you need or where you are comfortable.

Made with Natural Fiber and corn bristles sewn together, making it perfect for outdoor cleaning. It is great for sweeping different surface types so small dirt and dust particles will have no place to hide.

You can now quickly deal with your front porch, backyard, and garden.

Eco-Clean™ Bamboo Scrub Brush

We have a wide array of biodegradable products including the Tampico brushes; made of bamboo materials with different designs. This cleaning tool meets your scrub-brushing needs on both soft and rough surfaces.

Engineered with Poly Fiber Bristle, this brush is for all-around household cleaning, buffing and polishing. Therefore, instead of choosing plastic brushes, we recommend you this for maximum sustainability and durability.

We assure you that with these products, you are not only the closest acquaintance of cleanliness, but also nature’s best friend.

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