Cleaning as an Effective Way to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Cleaning as an Effective Way to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

With everything going around us, it is important that we have something that can aid us with our mental health.  We can find it in a lot of different things and hobbies. But if you are looking for one that’s close to home, why not turn to cleaning? Ooops, don’t judge just yet. You might think that this is nonsense because it requires you to work and release some heat. But hey, it doesn’t have to be always heavy. You can take it lightly and find ways how it can be satisfying instead of exhausting.

Here we’ll discuss ways on how to use cleaning as a way to relieve stress and escape from your anxieties:  

According to studies, what relieves our stress when cleaning is the control that it gives us. Experts say people feel good about being able to do something. This is amidst all of our problems in life in which many of them feel hopeless. Also, when cleaning we are being allowed to breath and empty our minds while focusing on the simple things that we are doing. So, it is a good thing to do when we keep getting distracted and if we want to concentrate.

Aside from that, decluttering also makes us feel better as we free up some space and our homes become cleaner and brighter. Removing piles of paper, laundry or random items scattered all around allows us to breath, think, and move around freely.

Having dusty furniture, windows, walls, and ceiling also adds up to the stress that we face every day. It also triggers allergy that makes us itchy and sneezy all day, that’s why we become more irritable. But you can easily overcome all this with regular cleaning using Lola Wowables™ to wipe clean tables and other furniture, and Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ to collect dust and webs on your walls and ceiling.

There are also times when we run short of budget. But this doesn’t mean we have to compromise cleanliness. Because we can still clean while saving money. Surely, this will be a solution to your expenditure problems. Choosing cleaning materials that are affordable, effective, and most importantly REUSABLE is a must so you can make the best out of your purchase. See for example Lola Wowables which is a good substitute to the regular paper towels. This one can be used all around the house and washed afterwards for reuse.

To make cleaning a stress management technique, mindfulness in cleaning must be incorporated. This way you can make cleaning a form of meditation to make you more relaxed after a major cleaning session.

For an added benefit, through and effective cleaning can also give a little extra exercise, which can be great for relieving stress; Going up and down the stairs, carrying items from room to room, and scrubbing windows and floors using Lola’s Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Anti-Microbial Cloth can help you burn calories, release endorphins, and help you blow off heat. Now you don’t only have a clean home but a workout routine that will keep you fit and healthy.

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