BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH, 3x A DAY: Why brushing and scrubbing your floor important

BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH, 3x A DAY: Why brushing and scrubbing your floor important

You might see scrubbing your floor as one of the tasks that seem impossible to become pain-free. You might even laugh at us if we say that we know ways on how to make it easier for you. However, trust us in this because we are here to offer serious help.

In reality, cleaning your floors does not have to feel so bad. That back-pain does not always have to be there and you should not settle on not being able to clean gaps and narrow corners just because you cannot reach for them. In this article, we will be explaining to you the importance of brushing and scrubbing your floor along with some tips on how to clean properly.

Your kids or pets can lie, roll, and play on it – One of the main reasons why you should take floor cleaning seriously is because your children and pets have access to it most of the time. This means they are exposed to whatever is in your floor be it germs, dirt, or chemicals. Therefore, for the sake of your family and yourself, cleaning your home should be your priority. Aside from sweeping and mopping, scrubbing and brushing it with our Any Which Way™ Flexible Scrub Brush is also necessary. This cleaning tool is versatile and helps reach into gaps. Its bristles are also capable of cleaning even the thinnest crevice.

The floor has one of the widest surfaces areas inside your home – Aside from the walls, the floors of your home acts as its skin from the inside. This means it also needs great attention. Meanwhile, for tougher cleaning tasks, you can surely count on our Large Brush Scrub. It is durable, and gentle to your hand. Therefore, it will not be hard to scrub the filth away on many different areas!

You and your home is more connected to it than you know – Your foot, shoes, and slippers comes into contact with the floor. This means when enter from the outside, you bring all the dirt and germs inside with you. Through the floor, these can spread easily to other parts of the house. So, we highly recommend using the Lola Deck Scrub Brush combined with your preferred cleaning agents to deal with your outside patios, decks, asphalt, tile, cement. This helps minimize the amount of cleaning you have to do inside your home.

Leaving it uncleaned may cause accidents – Grime and mold buildup combined with moisture can cause you or your family members to slip on your floor, putting you at risk of having serious injury. Our Handled Scrubber is good for tough filth removal. Please it has a handle that is easy and convenient to hold making cleaning less painful for you. After every cleaning, our Wowables™ is also available to  dry surfaces and remove extra stains.

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