Cleaning Practices You Have to Bring With You When Going Out

Cleaning Practices You Have to Bring With You When Going Out

Knowing how to clean your surrounding is vital especially when you are not at home. Let’s say you are out on a trip by yourself and you decide to stay at an inn, hotel, or lodge. You should take note that aside from housekeeping, you must also have a cleaning routine of your own. This is to put your things in order at all times, to ensure that you won’t be surrounded or covered in filth or mess, and prevents you from being sick due to lack of proper hygiene and sanitation.

Here are some cleaning practices that you must do along with some product recommendations to make sure you are effectively cleaning.

Avoid wiping with your hands – Since disease-causing bacteria and viruses can easily spread on different surfaces, using your hands to wipe clean surfaces can put you at risk of getting sick. It also does not ensure that the surface is already clean, meaning it still can contaminate other things that it gets contact with. Therefore, out tip is to use a sanitized cleaning cloth treated with anti-microbial agents to clean the top of furniture such as table, countertop, etc. It can also be used if you want to dry your belongings such as your phone. We recommend our very own Lola Wowables™

Dust the Pillows and Bed – Aside from dust and dirt, there is also microscopic mites and insects still lurking within the sheets and other pieces of furniture around you. Therefore, it is important that you have 360° Extender Duster Set with you when going out on trips. You can easily use it together with its extendable head to dust off your bed, windows, and even furniture. We also sell replacement heads in case you think your tool’s current head is already worn out or too dirty.

Brush your Shoes/Slippers before and after going out – Your footwear is a major contributor to the dirt and the number of germs that you are carrying with you. That is why cleaning them is necessary before going out and after arriving at your destination. If you want a handy cleaning tool that’s effective on leather and other types of footwear, you can count on our Eco Clean™ Bamboo Scrub Brush which is not only eco-friendly but also durable and effective.

Pick-up Dust, Food Crumbles and other Debris – When you go out or dine somewhere public, it is proper etiquette to clean just before you go. Unless you paid someone else to do it. Otherwise, you have to clean for other people’s sake or to prevent attracting insects that may bite you or carry diseases that can get you infected. Our Dust Pan And Brush Set – Clip On is a tool perfectly made to collect crumbles and other debris such as dust, stones, and even fur or hair!

Brush your drinking glasses, mugs, and water bottles – Drinking water is one of our necessities. However, it is also one of the easiest way for viruses and germs to enter our body.  In order to prevent this, you should constantly cleaning the containers that you use with Eco-Clean™ Bamboo Bottle Brush; an eco-friendly brush is durable, effective, and won’t leave any scratch on glasses, jars, and other containers.

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