A Guide To Dealing with Spills

A Guide To Dealing with Spills

We encounter spills and stains almost daily in our life and within our households. It happens when we are cleaning, eating, decorating the house, and doing other activities that puts us near fluids and liquid materials.

Aside from being extra careful, we also have to be prepare for the cleanup because accidents do happen inevitably.  During these times, an absorbent material such as cleaning towel is what we need. However, it can’t be JUST ANY cleaning towel. It must be effective and appropriate for the surface and the spill you will be cleaning.

Here are some of our cleaning cloth products together with a guide on how you can deal with spills using them:

Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N’ Wipe™ ClothIf you are trying to clean-off spilled soup or juice on your table or sink, we think that this is what you need. This odor resistant cleaning cloth is treated with antimicrobial agents that prevents the growth of most bacteria in it. So rest assured that it can stay effective for a longer

Compared to common paper towels, this one is reusable/washable so you’ll have no problem after wiping off spilled milk or coffee because you just have to rinse it and you can use it again.

You should choose this clean n’ wipe cloth instead of makeshift rags because those can spread disease-causing microorganisms.   

Lola Wowables™When dealing with water, and we mean LOTS of water, what do you think is the best cleaning cloth to use? For us, it is the Lola Wowables™. It is third party-tested to be 4 times more absorbent and 5 times stronger than the average paper towel.

What we are proud of with most of our cleaning cloths is that use can use them even without chemicals.  Just like this one that was made without using harmful substances or bleach. To use it again, just rinse and wring out.  It can be used for weeks without the help of chemicals or substances.

Lola Wowables™ is also for spilled paint or stains because it is strong enough and thick enough to absorb substances that are denser than water.

Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning ClothJust like the others, this one cleans without chemicals. However, the most special of this cleaning cloth is that is has millions of micro poly fibers that can dig into cracks and crevices to deep clean them. This means if you can clean spilled sugar in between the tiles of your kitchen countertop.

Cellulose Sponge ClothWhen working in your kitchen and dealing with glass surfaces and kitchenware; you have to be extra cautious because one wrong move can cause a unpleasant scratch or irreversible damage.

In case of spills, you must use the right cleaning cloth. What we mean by that is this cleaning product. It does not scratch, streak, or leave lint and it absorbs up to 20 times its weight in water. In addition, it is quick drying so it serves as a wonderful partner in cooking and in food preparation.

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