Basic Cleaning You Can Teach To Your Children

Basic Cleaning You Can Teach To Your Children

Childhood is a crucial stage in one’s life as it is where we learn and develop a lot of things. So, for parents who have young children, it is important that they impart not only knowledge but also discipline and other important habits such as cleaning which they can practice and can be useful in their daily lives.

So, here we will be discussing some basic and simple cleaning habits that you can start teaching your child as early as 3yrs old to start practicing him/her to become a responsible individual.

Cleaning After They Eat

Most kids will be able to eat alone as early as three without depending to their parents. But, what many of them fail to to clean the mess they’ve made after their meals. As a parent, it is important that we teach them that it is their responsibility to clean up after they have eaten. You can start by teaching them how to wipe the table with the help of Lola Anti-Microbial Clean n’ Wipe Cloth and to bring their used plates to the sink or dishwasher.


Making Their Beds

Another easy task that we can teach our young is to make their beds after waking up. It is as simple as organizing the pillows and the sheets. But it will be a huge progress if we will be able to teach them how to properly fold their blankets. Doing so will help them develop a disciplined attitude that they will carry as they grow up.

Maintaining and Organizing their toys (and other belongings)

Children could be messy most of the times and it is often through their toys and other belongings. We can observe that many kids just leave them wherever they want after using them. If this continues, the child brings with him/her an unpleasant behavior that could turn to something much worse. So, as early as now, we must teach them how to keep things properly and how to put our belongings back in order as a way to take care of it.

Being responsible for a household chore

Just give them one simple task for now and that would be enough. Teach them how to sweep the floor with Lola Angle Broom, take out the trash or wipe the table or windows with Lola Wowables-Reusable Paper Towels. The point of it is for them to know that they have to contribute in maintaining cleanliness at home. It will also make them feel like they are part not just of a family but of a team. You might not realize it but this could help them work not just an individual but also as a member of a group.

Worry not because your kids could still very well enjoy their childhood while you are starting to teach them simple things that will be useful for their future. Know that it’s never too early as long as it will make them better individuals as they grow up.

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