Spring Cleaning like a Pro: Bring out the best out of your Home in 2021

Spring Cleaning like a Pro: Bring out the best out of your Home in 2021

Just when you thought that there’s no hope of making 2021 different from the past year because of the continuing pandemic, there’s hope of turning things around if you just focus on what really matters.

In this year’s spring cleaning, we are here to give you some pro tips to make the best out of the season where cleaning is important now more than ever.

Clean One Room At a Time

One stressful problem when cleaning your home is when you get overwhelmed by how much you have to clean. But that only happens when you look at it as a whole. The best approach for your house is to deep clean it room by room. This way you can focus on one area at a time, considering the different needs of each room.

In doing so, what you’ll need is a cleaning material that’s reliable and reusable. We at Lola believes that nothing compares to our Wowables™ Paper Towels when it comes to surface cleaning. It doesn’t only eliminate dirt and germs but it also gives each surface a gentle touch so there won’t be any scratch of doing. Truly amazing and pro when it comes to cleaning!

Organize and Clear the Clutter

If you are contented with where everything is placed and you think they are exactly where they are meant to, then think again. Most of the time, our homes are filled with unnecessary piles of clutter. So if you really want to clean like a pro, then look for items that you can organize and put into containers shelves or drawers. While doing so, you must remove dust and dirt with Lola 360° Extender Duster SetThis tool is effective on books, vases, and other pieces of furniture. So you won’t have to worry about dust filling the air and causing you allergies.

Encourage the Household Participation

There are so much you can do together with the other individuals living under your roof.

Using the easy-to-tear cleaning sheets of Lola Rola Sticky Mop™, you can deal with stains and debris stuck on walls, ceiling and in between pieces of furniture.

Meanwhile, you can task another family members with our Angle Broom to sweep the floor and go through narrow gaps and under cabinets and couches.

Someone can also equip Lola Corn Broom to clean dried leaves, dirt, and other debris outdoors; in your patio or garden.

Kids on the other hand, can clean their toys and their room with our Dust Pan and Brush Set Clip On. These are simple tools that can teach them to be responsible while removing dust and actually cleaning.

Altogether, you can make a big progress at home with all those hands doing different tasks, your house will be sparkly clean once again in no time.

Deal with Seasonal Chores

Now’s the time to check your windows and doors for air leaks, stains, and dust buildup. Make sure you wipe these surfaces with Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in case you have to remove stains and dust. The good thing with our cleaning tools is that it leaves no scratch on surfaces because of its delicate composition.

If you can, you can seize this time as a good opportunity to cautiously clean and screen your gutters.

Check your home’s foundations and see if there are repairs needed. This is a crucial aspect because the lives of people living in your home are at risk should a disaster comes and your home’s foundation are neglected and left to be feasted upon by termites. Seek the help of experts if necessary.
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