ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Cleaning Materials For Your Christmas Wish List

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Cleaning Materials For Your Christmas Wish List

“I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need.”

As the cold breeze takes over, this line starts to be heard more and more. Along with it are the thoughts of the celebration and of the perfect gifts that will be given and received and there may be a lot of material things going around people’s heads that may set aside thinking about something that is important especially for the celebration; cleaning materials.

 It might not be the first thing to come to mind when talking about a perfect Christmas wish but you can find it reasonable to consider especially if you think about the post-holiday clean up. In this light, we will discuss some of the best cleaning tool gifts that you may include to your Christmas wish list.

Dish Gloves

There’s no denying that the kitchen would be a battlefield after the holiday season with the pile of dishes to wash. So, it is a good idea to ask for something that would be really useful in the busiest of times; an accessory that will not only protect your hands but can also decorate them with color and design. Surely, you can find a picture that may suit your preference and use it so people would know what color or design you want to receive.

Bath Mat

Having an elegant home décor can make your abode brighter and livelier especially on areas where style is not expected such as the bathroom. Putting a bath math on the floor to greet anyone who enters is wonderful or hanging some to be used as extra towels can come in handy. Lola has a variety of cloths that may suit your stylish taste, so why not have a check on it? 

Sponge Holders

Without a fixed place to go, sponges can be often misplaced and put on inappropriate areas where bacteria and molds can grow and fester. This is something you can’t afford during Christmas time where you need it the most. So, a sponge holder can be an ideal gift to help you manage your sink and perhaps decor it by choosing a cute one. 


Sponges are for dishes while scrubbers are for tougher dirt and stains on the sink, the bathroom and other tiled areas. So, make sure you keep everything all shiningly clean by having enough supply of cleaning scrubbers ready to be deployed after Christmas eve.  Lola offers different scrub brushes for different tough situations. 

Broom and dustpan set

A lot of people would be coming around and about on the holidays and imagine how much dust would that bring to your home. This requires a tool that will help you pick everything up easily. This is where Lola Angle Broom with dustpan is perfect.

Kitchen towels

Your kitchen and your table are the busiest areas during the holidays and believe it or not, you would need a lot of TOWELS to wipe and pick up a lot of things. But you don’t want your trash to be filled with disposable napkins and wet wipes, don’t you? What you need is ample number of reusable towels which you can easily wash and conveniently use over and over again without producing too much wastes. Try checking on Lola Wowables or its other towels and you might find the best towels for you!

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