FOLLOW THE ORDER: Tips to Keep your Things Organized

FOLLOW THE ORDER: Tips to Keep your Things Organized

They say the condition of your very own home can reflect what kind of person you are. At least its cleanliness does. Sure, it's all up to you what design or arrangement you want to put on it. But, you must not forget that it is a must to always make it organized and clean most of the time.

There's no perfect formula for being organized as it depends on an individuals lifestyle, habits, and tastes. But there are some measures that can be done to enhance the effectiveness of any system. This start with being aware that there's something wrong with your current method of organizing. Here are some smart strategies on how to be organized and how you can save time, money, and stress.

Sort Wisely

When organizing things, first, you have to make sure to finish it all in one try because there's a tendency that you will get lazy the next time or end up sorting your things incorrectly.  Find a staging area, like a table where you can put whatever you're organizing from your containers. This would make it easier for you to quickly  look for doubles, giveaways, and must-saves. Don't forget to wipe and remove dust using Lola Jumbo Microfiber Clenaing Cloth, then put them on clear containers or baskets without lids which are easy to access so you can check what's left of your collection. Lastly, put a label on everything. Marking boxes and bins with easy-to-read descriptions helps you find things faster  in case you forgot where you stored them.

Arrange things based on how frequently you need them.

Obviously, the  items you use every day should be nearest and the in the most easy to access areas. While  high shelving can be used for tools that you only use once in a while. Equipment that you use only once a year can be put on the highest storage spots like the attic or  out-of-reach shelving in a garage. This way, it will be  easier for you to find the things you use often, while making sure that the items you don't use regularly will stay organized until you need them. Also, organising things from the most to least important would help in case of emergency situations where you need to instantly access the things you value the most.

Don't buy  storage containers until you have sorted everything out

Having more containers only means you have more space to put your hoards into. This creates a wrong organizing mindset when in fact, you only have to base the number of  containers on the amount of things you really need minus the things you have purged. Know that not everything around us is really usavle most of the time. This means you are surrounded by a lot of things you probably don't need.  Slimming down your stuff can also save you money on storage supplies and from  headache caused by going through excess items in an emergency or last-minute situation.

Make it easier to store and take things

The easiest way to do this is to make everything a one-handed operation. Use open bins placed on easy to access areas for you to put and take away things faster and easier. This can be applied on your  laundry, dishes and kitchenwares, etc. This advice can also be applies  to garbage cans where you can invest in one with a lever you can step on to pop the lid open.

Store  a discard bag near clutter hotspots

Keeping a shopping bag with a handle in the front of your closet can come in handy very time you try on a piece of clothing and then take if off again because it's unflattering, doesn't fit, is pulled, stained or out of style. This way you don't have to throw it back into the closet instantly because you don't have time to fold and place it back again.  Also, this can also mean that if that piece of clothing is off for any reason other than that it's dirty or doesn't match, it means it's not right and will probably never be. So, when this bag becomes full, you can donate the clothes or trade them with a friend.

Choose multi-purpose or complimentary equipment

One of the best ways to be organized is to limit the items that you have at home. Instead of buying piece per piece, why not look for tools that can you can flexibly use on different tasks or seek equipment that goes hand-in-hand with each other such as Lola Dust pan & brush set-clip on, which is easier to use and store compared to the usual broom and dust pan. Lola also have a 4-in-1 cleaning kit which gives you a handy set which will not help you be organised but also saves you money.


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