Vacuum-less Car Cleaning

Vacuum-less Car Cleaning

For first-time car owners, the additional cost that comes with it can be surprising. They must understand that aside from accessories and repair, they also have to spend on cleaning; not only the outside but also the inside. The usual way of cleaning inside a car is with a vacuum. It is for the regular removal of hair, fur, and dust stuck inside.  However, not because you had the ability to purchase the car doesn’t always mean you are also capable of buying a vacuum and paying for additional charges that comes through your electric bill. You can still be practical even with a car… No, we mean ESPECIALLY with a car.

Today we will be discussing about practical tips on how to clean your car without using a vacuum. Now, get ready to take notes because you will probably need these recommendations:

Use a Cleaning towel – areas that you usually touch such as the steering wheel, dashboard, cup-holders, buttons, and door handles, should be cleaned thoroughly because they can easily harbor and spread germs and bacteria. They are also more likely to get dirt and stains because they get into contact with your hands, which also gets into contact with countless number of things. Lola Wowables™ is one of the tools that you must grab.

Get your hands into an all-around cleaning mop – For a quick and easy removal of dust and dirt, you need something that’s not a vacuum but works like one. A cleaning mop with a sticky head is best to clean the roof, the floor, the under-seats, and the trunk/luggage compartment. These are areas that are beyond arm’s reach so you might find it difficult to clean them with a common, short-handled brush. We recommend Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ for this job; engineered with a long and durable handle, it is capable of reaching deep places and narrow gaps. It can even be used on your vehicle carpets. It also has a cleaning sheet that is sticky and capable of collecting small and even microscopic dirt. You can also tear it when it gets filled with dust and dirt. Meanwhile, refills can be purchased separately.

Always keep a brush and a dust pan close to you – For bigger debris or tougher dirt, you might need to level up your cleaning with a combination of a brush and a dust pan to collect and properly dispose them. You can count on our Dust Pan & Brush Set - Clip On for pieces of trash, balls of hair, crumbled paper, etc. Make sure you also have a garbage bag with you that has enough capacity to have everything that you will get inside the car.

Big or small, it is possible to remove dirt or dust even without the use of a vacuum or other electronic devices similar to it. So no matter if you just want to save or you are just eco-friendly, you can always check Lola’s efficient and environment-friendly cleaning tools that you can use for your car. We have a roster of other brushes, cleaning towels, and scrubbers that will make it your life as a vehicle owner much easier.  

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