Cloths - Items tagged as "Cleaning accessories: miscellaneous"

Cleaning thru wiping down, dusting, etc on tabletops, furniture, windows and even floors - in this category you'll find a wide array of household cleaning cloths made of rayon, polyester, cotton, paper etc. Our Anti-Microbial "Clean n' Wipe Cloths do the same job as the more expensive Clorox® Handi-Wipes. For your Floors - our Dry Sweeper Refills are of the same quality as Swiffer® Brand, but with LOLA you pay less, it's that simple. We even carry the Mop needed, see it here. Retail stores have trusted Lola since 1969 and now consumers can directly trust us as well thru ecommerce.  Clorox® is a registered trademark of The Clorox Company and Swiffer® is registered trademark of Procter & Gamble.