Lola Cheesecloth | 100% Cotton


SKU: 440

Lola® Brand is an American Owned and Operated Household Cleaning Tools Company. We have been bringing products to consumers such as floor mops, sponges, sweeper refills, scrubbers, scourers, brooms dusters, eraser pads, and much more since 1969.

Do you make cheese, tofu, and ghee? Do you strain stocks and/or custard? Our cheesecloth is loosely woven, similar to gauze-style material, cotton cloth. It is mostly used in food prep and/or cooking. By virtue of its name, it's not hard to see that its main use is for the production of cheese.

Lola® Brand cheesecloth is also great for stuffing poultry, roasting turkey/chicken, spice wraps, winemaking, and more. To ensure the best meals we use a light thread count and lint-free cotton for the cheesecloth. The Lola's cheesecloth light thread count is 100% natural unbleached cotton food-grade fabric. This Lola's cheesecloth is a soft absorbent cotton fabric for easy polishing, cleaning, and straining food. Great for straining, poultry wrapping, and cheese making. Also can be used to clean and dust your home and polish your car! It is reusable and washable, just clean it with a mild detergent and warm water after every use, and it's simply easy to clean!


Brand: Lola products
Type: Cloths
Quality: High
Size: 3 Square Yards (9 feet)
Count: 1 Pack
Color: White
Material: Cotton
Washable: Yes
Reusable: Yes