Why Do You Need to Worry about Dust?

Why Do You Need to Worry about Dust?

Are you almost giving up on your never-ending fight against dust in your home? Hold on! It is more serious than you think. These specks of dust will build up and can cause lots of other problems!

Here we will discuss some of the common problems that excessive dust can give you in your home. We will also give you some tips on what you can do about them.

HEALTH ISSUES – One of the major and most concerning consequence of a dusty home is higher risks of having health problems due to poor indoor air quality. It can trigger allergies such as eyes, skin, and throat irritations. People with asthma are also at risk of experiencing more attacks when exposed to a dusty surrounding. For those with an HVAC system at home, it will be overwhelmed by dust through time without proper cleaning, and when that happens, it will not be able to filter out dust properly anymore so the air will be dirtier.

CROSS CONTAMINATION - Bacteria and viruses can freely enter as your home will not have any defense. Based on several studies, dust is said to be a carrier of genes that are resistance to anti-biotics, this makes microbes and germs stronger and harder to kill. With dust flying around your home, germs can easily get to you and on loved ones both directly and through different surfaces. When this happens, there is no place within your home where you’ll be safe.

MALFUNCTION OF DIFFERENT APPLIANCES – When too much dust is circulating around your home, there’s a big chance they will build up inside electric appliances such as fans, coolers, and other air-conditioners. This will not only affect the airflow inside your home but can also cause malfunction on your appliances. This will cost you additional money for cleaning and repair which is unnecessary because excessive dust can be prevented.


Now that we know that problems what it can cause, we will now head straight to the solutions. Fortunately, when it comes to dealing with dust in the home, there are lots of easy and affordable ways to make your home dust-free. Instead of instantly buying and air purifier, regular cleaning of windows, furniture, surfaces, and appliances such as your air filter will do. Good thing that we have just the right cleaning tools for you!

First on our recommendations is the Lola 360° Duster Starter Kit. It can be purchased with an extender, while refills are bought separately. You are reading that right. It’s dusting head is completely refillable after it gets filled with all sorts of dust and dirt. That means you can use the handle over and over again! This means you can maximize its efficiency many times without buying a whole new set just like the typical feather duster.

If you are more into brushes, we also have our Dustpan and Brush Set – Clip On which you can use to brush off and collect dust and dispose it properly afterwards. It is also a safe and effective way to eliminate dust plus you can easily store it because of its size.

Lastly, Lola Flexible Dust Mop can be used on the floor, covering a wide area making cleaning faster and easier. Its head is also changeable, and it collects dirt even without the use of too many cleaning agents and chemicals! It also has a Swivel 360 Degree Connector which will allow you to use it under furniture and on different corners. Now you can see for yourself how truly amazing our products are!

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