What You Need to Know About the Common Corn Broom

What You Need to Know About the Common Corn Broom

Using of brooms in cleaning is still common in many households because it remains to be the tool for the masses with its effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and versatility.

Not everyone can afford their own vacuum and the energy cost that entails its use. So, buying a broom is the perfect alternative. However, having just any kind of broom is not practical.  The key to knowing if a broom is high-quality and effective is to understand its type and purposes for you to know if it will really serve its function.

So, in this article, we will be discussing a particular kind of broom, no other than the Corn Broom. These brooms are intended for dry sweeping and are commonly used for sidewalks, garages, basements, and other areas either indoor or outdoor. Its large sweeping head is also composed of natural fiber and corn bristles making it perfect for large places.

If you are finding it difficult to clean hardwood floors and other rough areas, the corn broom is the right one for you.

Since we have mentioned that, now is also the perfect time to introduce Lola Corn Brooms. An all-natural broom that is eco-friendly and comes with a high gloss resin coated steel handle with swivel hang cap, so it gives you good grip, prevents back ache due to poor posture, and it is also very easy to store.

Unlike other brooms with synthetic poly fibers, rest assured that every bristle of this broom is safe for the environment. We also ensure that they are durable and ready for tough cleaning on different hard surfaces. In fact, cleaning this kind of broom is not difficult at all as well because a splash of cool water on its fibers can do the trick. Yes, you are reading that right! This broom can go wet without deteriorating just like other common brooms.

It may not be the strongest and sturdiest cleaning equipment you will ever find but we assure you that this product can withstand time and surrounding elements. It is also available on large and extra-large head sizes so you can choose depending on the size of the area where you are planning to use this.

Lola’s corn brooms are made with fan-shaped heads to effectively gather dust and dirt but ours stand out because we made its bristles compact through sewing to make them strong and capable of carrying and moving heavy stones and crumbled leaves.

Unlike what’s being depicted on the media regarding corn brooms, ours are not for witches who loves flying around. But it has the same strength when it comes to combatting different kinds of debris. So, this is an ideal partner if you are living in a house surrounded by trees or if you have a background garden and you want to maintain cleanliness and order around your home.

What are you waiting for? grab yours now and enjoy a low-cost and comfortable cleaning experience!

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