Avoiding Scratches When Using Scouring Pads

Avoiding Scratches When Using Scouring Pads

We don’t know about you, but for us in Lola, dishwashing is not only about being tough on removing residues but it is also considered as an art of having meticulous and gentle sense of touch to prevent scratches and dents on utensils and kitchenware.

Manufacturers made specific roles for the scourer and sponge making them two separate products doing their different roles. But since we are for innovation, we are changing this to can prove that these two can be combined into one effective product.

Common scourers are rough and are meant for tough stains and grease, but they also often cause scratch to the cookware. Thus, making them last less longer. Meanwhile the usual sponge can get easily overwhelmed by oil and other residues that it often become filthy, making it the perfect home for bacteria and germs.

Do not get us wrong. We do not want you to hate these two products. In fact, we simply want you to appreciate them and value them as essentials. But we want you to realize that choosing the right and high-quality brand when using them is much more important.

In line with this, we want to introduce to you, two of our scouring pads. Lola Wonder Scourer™ Non-Scratch Scouring Pad and Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Pad.

Our Wonder Scourer™ is a knitted flat polypropylene wire cloth wrapped foam sponge.  Its foam sponge is created at its core, so it does not tear or fall apart easily after a few uses just like many other inferior similar products in the market.  It is also super absorbent and will not leave even a bit of scratch on most surfaces, so it is safe and perfect for non-stick and coated cookware. No worries on damaging your favorite pots and pans.

Meanwhile, the Microfiber Cleaning Pad is sponge on one side & nylon net on the other side. It makes cleaning super-fast and easy because you do not need to switch from a sponge to a scourer from time to time because you got everything you need combined into one tool!

It may have the texture and feel of the usual scouring pad but this one is non-abrasive, meaning it leaves no damage on most surfaces compared to the typical scourer. This shows that it is effective, yet it has something that usual cleaning pads don’t have, our care and concern for you and your property. Know that we always have you in mind when we create these products because one of our primary goals is to give you convenience while keeping you and your family safe.

Lola is taking pride on the power and efficiency of our products such as these scouring sponges. They are all-around, meaning you can use them in many different cleaning tasks you have in your home, and most of them including these two are powerful enough not to need any chemicals or cleaning agents to clean surfaces. Just a sprinkle of water before and after using will do! But you can still use your favorite dishwashing liquid if you like!

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