Understanding the Science of Allergies for a more Effective Spring Cleaning

Understanding the Science of Allergies for a more Effective Spring Cleaning

There’s something bigger behind dust, dirt, and other microscopic particles which we encounter every day. Thorough understanding about what causes allergies is necessary.

This is in order to be efficient in cleaning and to put a stop to irritation, discomfort, and even pain which may make yourself or your family suffer.

Aside from tobacco smoke which is a major trigger of asthma, there are also a couple of other things that are common in your household and can trigger not only asthma but also allergies.

These include pollen, mold and mildew, animal dander, dust mites, and cockroaches. In this year’s Spring Cleaning, it is time to practice a routine that will be efficient in making your home a safer space with people who are sensitive to allergens.

Here are some cleaning products that we highly recommend in order to achieve this goal:

Lola 360° Extender Duster Set

Window curtains and blinds are some of the spots where allergens are commonly trapped. Washing them regularly may be a good idea but sometimes it just wasn’t enough.

Air drying clothing and curtains outside will pick up pollen and mold so it is recommendable to use the dryer instead after washing.

Also, don’t wash your curtains too often if necessary, instead, use this effective duster to collect dust and dirt from the curtains, blinds or the window frames. It has a extendable handle so you’ll have no problem cleaning the top parts of your windows.

If we listen to what science says, then it is also time to get rid of your drapes or horizontal blinds as they are more likely to trap both dust and allergens. Switch to washable roll shades instead because they are easier to clean and less likely to pick up allergens.

Regular cleaning applies to shower curtains as well. Washing them will prevent the growth of molds which can trigger allergies.

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™

One important scientific fact to note about allergens is that some of them are so small that they can pass right through regular vacuum filters. So instead of collecting them, you are just shooting them up in the air and increases the chance of someone breathing them in.

What you need is an all-around cleaning mop like this one. It’s good for all sorts of surfaces such as vinyl, tile, hardwood, and even carpets. Although, if we are talking about allergens, then rugs and carpets are not advisable for use because they pick up dirt a lot.

Also, if for some reason, you use shampoo to wash them, then it is time to stop because the leftover moisture will just promote mold growth or increase dust mites.

If possible, just get smaller, washable rugs that you can toss into the laundry for easier cleaning.

It’s a good thing that Lola’s Sticky Mop is not only useful in cleaning allergens off the floors but it can also deal with dusts stuck on walls and ceiling fixtures. It has a very long handle and plenty of easy-to-tear cleaning sheets that will make dusting quick and convenient.

Wowables™ Cleaning Towels

This cleaning towel will deal with everything else you have at home. For most parts, you can damp it and use it to trap allergens away from tables, chairs, pieces of furniture, etc.

Since it is treated with anti-microbial agents, rest assured that no mold or bacteria can grow on it. This makes it easier to also clean surfaces.

It is also recommendable to cut the clutter which can trap dust and hide allergens like dust mites and cockroaches. Check the piles of stuff and boxes you have at home and properly dispose everything that are unnecessary to eliminate these allergens.

Make sure that you use fragrance-free products with these tools to avoid triggering allergic reactions.

In addition, keeping pets out of the bedroom would also help a lot in protecting yourself from their dander. Don't ever let pets sleep on the bed if you have pet allergies.

Wearing face masks is even more beneficial than previously thought. We can use it not only to prevent covid transmission when getting out, it is also a good way to protect ourselves or our family members when we are cleaning because all sorts of particles may be floating around the air when we start to move things.

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