Tips to Properly Store Food and Other Essentials

Tips to Properly Store Food and Other Essentials

Proper storage of food and other goods help a lot in preventing food-borne illnesses caused by harmful bacteria. But it must be practiced not only for the sake of health and safety but also to preserve its quality and nutritional value. More importantly, it prevents spoilage so we can make sure our money won't go to waste. 

Proper storage means maintaining a clean refrigerator and freezer. But it is not limited to that. Here we will be discussing other storing alternatives along with some tips on how to make sure there will be no quality loss.

Storage box

The benefits of the usual storage boxes are obvious. It comes in different sizes so it gives you the choice depending on what you need. But generally, they are spacious so you can store the maximum possible number of items inside it. It is also durable and can withstand temperature and other elements so it is preferable if you want to keep your goods safe and protected. It also offers a different method of transport; it can be carried with a handle, or with wheels so it lessens the weight that you carry. 

Take note that these containers must be cleaned from time to time to eliminate the build up of dirt and dust. Before washing it, consider using Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ first to collect debris. 

Ziplock bags

Usually made of plastic, these closable bags come with a zip that keeps water or air from coming in and out. This makes it waterproof and perfect for items you need to preserve or ferry.  

This means goods and food can be transported over distances without worrying about them getting wet. This is also a perfect choice when transporting two liquids or semi-liquids that can mix. Having these watertight reclosable plastic bags will help you ensure that the two are not contaminated through mixing. 

Items enclosed in a plastic zip bag are fully secure and it allows you to eliminate all the air in order to provide the environment you need inside the bag. You will also be given the convenience of closing and opening it at will. Plus it offers the comfort of packaging items and objects of an unconventional size because the opening is not restricted. 

Glass jars

Glass is one of the all-time favorites when storing food, because aside from being visually simple and appealing, it is also capability of going from the fridge to the oven and it can perform safely at various temperatures so there's no need to use another container to heat food that’s been stored or to serve food that’s been heated. Glass containers also offer a huge capacity to absorb and retain heat so it will likely stay warm for a longer period of time.

When storing food in a fridge, some things inevitably get pushed to the back where they can be easily forgotten. But with a clear glass jar, it is quicker to see what is in it. There's almost no need to put labels and you don't have to open the jars to see what's inside.

Another benefit of storing food in glass is that it won’t be altered by the flavors of previously stored food or stale refrigerator smells. Glass is non-porous and difficult to scratch (reducing the risk of trapped food particles), and there will be no taste of plastic ruining the great flavor of the food you worked so hard to make. 

Before every use and after every wash, we suggest you wipe your glass jar with our Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to make sure it is dry and clean. Worry not because this tool won't leave even a single scratch on your container. 

Ice Cooler

Aside from food and other goods, many medications also require not only to be refrigerated, but kept at a very specific temperature range. So if you are traveling with your medications, you must prepare by checking your medication’s information sheet or asking your physician for the optimal temperature range. 

The use of cooler or ice packs for medications is a common practice for many. You can just put it in a cooler filled with ice packs or gel packs. It is also advisable to put the packs into sealed freezer bags just in case they do leak. If you must use ice, also put that into freezer bags.

Since the cooler gets into contact with only water or ice, it does not require frequent washing.  Though it still needs to be cleaned regularly. Instead, we recommend Lola Wowables™ as an alternative. You can use it to wipe out moisture or apply cleaning agents that are suitable with your container.

Brown Paper Bag

It is one of many eco-friendly ways of storing food. A brown paper bag will lock in freshness and aroma while keeping out pests. You can use it to store tea leaves,  coffee grounds, beans, mushroom, and other flavourful spices. It is perfect for many ingredients that are especially volatile when it comes to retaining their flavorful characteristics. Improper packaging can cause spices to lose their intensity and flavor, or worse, to take on the flavor of their container. 

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