Cleaning Hacks to bring back Beauty to your Home

Cleaning Hacks to bring back Beauty to your Home

Many of us are so occupied thinking about how to keep ourselves beautiful while setting one important thing in their life; our home. Apart from our personality, our house is what represents who we are. We must give it importance by making sure that it’s well taken care of. But there’s no denying that it’s not always an easy job. So, for those who are looking for a helping hand, we’re here to give you some tips on how to beautify your home.

Always Clean your Microwave and Gas Stove

These places are always into contact with food. They should be cleaned not only for safety reasons but also to always boost appetite and as you can imagine, a dirty and nasty kitchen is a big appetite killer. So, if you have a microwave and gas stove at home, cleaning them should be a regular routine. It is not hard at all especially with the help of Lola Wowables™ and its effective wiping capabilities. One sheet can be washed and reused several times so it’s practical. So, imagine how much cleaning you can do with one roll!

Maintain a hygienic bath and comfort room

The bathroom is just as important as the kitchen. It should be hygienic at all times. This place must be given adequate attention as it is wet most of the time. Our handled Scrubber Brush and Cellulose Sponge Cloth should do the trick. The scrubber is for removing grime and other kinds of dirt while the sponge cloth is for absorbing moisture and applying cleaning agents, perfect combination to deliver ideal results! 

Remove dust and other types of wall and floor stains

Dust and stains make even the brightest and cleanest walls and floors look off. Painting a wall filled with dust will lead to a disappointing result. But we’re glad we are able to invent the perfect solution for this problem. Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ is not like any regular mop. With its adhesive head, it can easily collect dust, stains, and hair on the floor, walls, and even on the ceiling. Now, you can all enjoy a wonderful and fresh sight at home brought by a clean surrounding.

Make sure you have appealing doors and windows

Windows and doors are underrated. We often ignore their importance that cleaning them is not a part of our priorities. But it’s not too late to change that mindset. In fact, we’re here to make it easier for you. You can use Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cloth when wiping clean your windows and doors to give your home a fresh look!

Keep your living room ‘ALIVE’

The living room is the first place to go when welcoming your guests and it is where you often bond with family. Thus, aside from keeping it well decorated, it’s also necessary that you never leave this place uncleaned. Cleaning it should be on your to-do list from time to time. It won’t hurt if you do some sweeping and dusting using Lola Angle broom and Wet & Dry Floor Mop Starter Kit. This way you achieve your ideal result for less.

Having a beautiful home shouldn’t be expensive at all because it is based not on expensive furniture but on clean, well-maintained ones. Rest assured that you can count on Lola and its products in making this a reality.
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