TIPS FOR A SELLABLE HOME: Grooming Your Home To Be More Attractive To Buyers

TIPS FOR A SELLABLE HOME: Grooming Your Home To Be More Attractive To Buyers

Whether it’s a fully furnished house or an empty space you are putting up for grabs, it is similarly important to do some preparations to make your house attractive for the next buyer especially if you are eyeing to get a good price for it. But worry not because it doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to buy any additional furniture. Instead, you can focus more on cleaning.  Here are some cleaning tips before you put the ‘for sale’ sign:

Sweep and Declutter – Buyers must view the home as spacious and welcoming. But this won’t be possible if you would show it to them filled with all kinds of stuff. So, before revealing it to its future occupants, make sure you clean and empty all major living areas such as countertops, tables, and windowsills. You also have to make sure that they are free from dirt. Use Lola Swiffer® Sweeper Compatible Dry Sweeping Cloth to effectively clean these parts of your house. Also clean the insides of closets, drawers, and cupboards. It is also important to do some sweeping with Lola Angle Broom.

It’s up to you if you will donate or sell your excess stuff and donate it as long as it will be cleared and put off-site. Packing up before hand is not just to make it easier to sell the house, but it also makes moving out faster and more convenient.

De-personalize the House – One effective strategy in selling a house is to make someone envision how great their life would be settling in that house. You have to convince them that it is a place where they can start making wonderful memories. But, with your mark all over the place, it won’t be possible. So, as the seller, you have to make sure that anything that will remind them of any previous life may affect how they see the house. Instead, you must make them feel that this house is something they can own. This can be easily done by removing all your personal items including furniture and family photos.

Repaint Walls to Neutral Tones – a neutral light color allows buyers to imagine what the walls would look like with the color of their choice. So, it will be easier for them to picture themselves living on it. However, dirt and stains become more visible on walls with light colors as time pass by, so regular cleaning is important.  You can remove all sorts of dirt on these walls including webs using the Lola 360° Extender Duster It is also easier to put new paint when the walls are clean and smooth.

Check Out for Possible Source of Foul Odor – Any remaining bad smells or lingering odors from your bathroom or kitchen, can instantly become a major turn-off. This is why it is important to do some deep cleaning instead of just covering it all up with deodorizers. Instead, use some effective soap along with Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloth to scrub the counters, floors, and walls. This is effective in killing molds, germs, and invisible bacteria that causes the stink.

Make Everything Spotless – Even if you have already done some initial cleaning with your house, it is important to clean some more. To make sure it looks good and attractive all of the time. Using Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Comparable Rubaway™ Eraser Pads By Lola check areas that you might have missed and wipe them thoroughly to remove scuffs and marks. Exert extra effort on the bathroom and make sure the tile, counters, shower, and floors are sparkly clean. You must take note that the key to having a sellable house is to make every part of it perfectly clean all the time.

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