The Fault in Our Sinks: Not Cleaning Them Enough

The Fault in Our Sinks: Not Cleaning Them Enough

If kitchen sinks could talk, they would have already told you to stop washing stuff in them. After all, you usually clean dishes and all other dirty kitchen equipment there, so it is not surprising that they get incredibly filthy easily. Stainless steel may generally be a good material to use for kitchen sinks, but you must admit -- maintaining that radiating shine like they're brand new is something that you're not always inclined to do.

Like many items in your home, you’re probably not deep cleaning your kitchen sink often enough. Lucky for you, here are a few DIY tips and sanitary tricks for you to achieve that sparkle in your sink without comprising safety. 

Baking Soda and White Vinegar

It's no secret that baking soda is capable of doing wonders in almost anything and making your kitchen sink shine again is just one of them. Simply mix baking soda and water into a paste and spread it over the sink. Baking soda is fantastic because not only does it naturally neutralize odors, but it’s powerful enough to clean the surface without scratching the stainless steel. Add in a small amount of vinegar which will help in easily getting rid of those annoying water spots. You may then use the Lola® Nylon Net & Sponge Cleaning Pad to give the sink some scrubbing and just run the water through the sink to clean up afterward. 

All-Purpose Flour

You might be surprised that another baking ingredient can make your kitchen sink shine bright like a diamond. Not that many people know about this, but all-purpose flour can be very effective. First, make sure that your sink is completely dry, then give it a good round of dusting, roughly about four tablespoons worth, of all-purpose flour. Using the microfiber side of the Lola® 2-Way Cleaning Sponge Pad, and then rub around the entire sink in small circular motions.

This hack may require a bit of elbow grease because once you're done with rubbing, you will need to wipe all the flour away with some Wowables® Reusable & Biodegradable Paper Towels. Remember, you should never rinse the flour down the drain because it can result in clogging. Once you've wiped off almost everything, you just need to rinse the sink with water and you should find that your stainless steel sink has got some of its shine back again.

Baby Oil

Lastly, this simple tip but rarely ever done is the use of baby oil to get that new shine back into your stainless steel sink. Simply add a few drops of baby oil onto a paper cloth and wipe your stainless steel sink. It will add a layer of shine to your sink that you probably have not seen since you first got it.

Keeping your stainless steel sink in good condition is not that difficult, but you're at fault for ignoring it often. It's a good thing that any of the above DIY cleaning tips will be effective in keeping your sink sanitary while restoring its brand new-ish shine, but you must do it at least once a week. Then, you will see that not only stars can shine bright, but your kitchen sink can too!

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