The Dishwasher Drying Hack That Really Works!

The Dishwasher Drying Hack That Really Works!

Fun fact: Dishwashers are undoubtedly one of the kitchen gadgets that the majority of us cannot live without. And with good reason—using them is so simple after any meal or culinary occasion. Unfortunately, if the dishes are still damp after the wash cycle, drying a complete rack of them can be tiresome and time-consuming. Most dishwashers are very good at washing dishes, but they arent so great at drying dishes.

We scoured the world wide web to find the best solution for this, and luckily, we found a dishwasher-drying maneuver that is an actual real-life timesaver, courtesy of Babs, a popular TikTok grandma with 2.7 million followers. Grandma Babs has her ups and downs, but generally, her kitchen tips and lifehacks are truly remarkable. She is no stranger to dishwasher hacks, and this dish-drying trick is just one of them:

Dishwasher hand drying is a waste of time and effort. Just grab a terry-cloth dish towel (or a Lola® All-Purpose Cotton Cloth). After the cleaning cycle is complete, place the dish towel inside the dishwasher door and shut it. The dishes will be completely (almost) dry and ready to be put away after just five minutes of waiting!

Side note: The Reusable & Biodegradable Wowables® Paper Towels would also be great for this simple kitchen hack.

So how and why does this work? After washing and automatic drying are complete, the dish towel will absorb the steam that is still present in the washer, preventing it from condensing on your dishes. While this hack will not result in "no hand drying necessary" because a dish towel, no matter how absorbent, simply cannot absorb pooled water from a few inches away, it is still considerably preferable and will require less effort as compared to drying every single dish by hand.

Now that you know how to dry your dishwasher dishes faster, feel free to try this on your next dishwashing cycle.

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