Strategies To Have A More Instagram-able Home

Strategies To Have A More Instagram-able Home

Many people are investing on make ups to make themselves look good. They think that this is the only thing they need to make a good photo. Little did they know that the best look can never be achieved if they don’t mind their surroundings. After all, what’s the sense of having a pretty face without a good background, right?

These days, Instagram photos featuring selfies are too cliché. Then what kind of photos would people possibly adore now? Well, aside from pictures of puppies and kittens, it’s fair to say that warm and welcoming houses are a thing now.

Decorations doesn’t have to be grand, nor furniture that expensive to be able to take pride on what you call a home. It doesn’t have to be a mansion but as long as you put effort to it and you fill it with love, it would be as picture-perfect as any other luxurious homes you see online.

Check out these tips on how to make your humble abode, a place like no other:

Put Up A Theme

One thing that pleases the eye when looking at photos is harmony. You can put this at your home whether through colors or shapes that compliment each other. Choose the kind of furniture and display that suits your style, outfit or make up and rest assured that your next post would be absolutely stunning and eye-catching.

Don’t put too much dangles

In their efforts to make their photos appealing, some people unconsciously add distraction instead through dangles and hanging displays that snatches the focus on the real subject which is usually the person in the image.

Spice Up Your Kitchen

Want to make food photos look appetizing? Do something about your kitchen! Put some added style, colors and dynamics. Don’t’ let it become dull and plain. Make sure everything is organized and in order.

Make kitchen wares and fruits look shinier by brushing or wiping them first. Lola’s Wowables is effective in bringing gleam to cooking tools so they will look more stunning as displays. While Eco Clean™ Tampico Vegetable Brush is perfect for hard-skinned vegetables, fruits and spices to make them look more fresh and delightful. Sprinkling them with some water will help make them look more mouth-watering.

Apply Some Designer Paint or Wallpaper

The walls are considered the skin of your home. Obviously, you want them to look good as much as you want your skin to be smooth, glowing and moisturized. Make it radiant by bringing out your own style through colors or designs that are unique to your personality. Choose high-quality paint or wallpapers to have it covered only with the best designs. You can also keep it clean and dust-free using the Lola 360° Extender Duster which is effective in collecting dirt and dust on high and wide spaces.

Polish Your Floor

Let your floor shine! Doing this will highlight cleanliness and will give an extra glimmer to your photos! With Lola Microfiber Spritz N' Mop, surfaces such as Hardwood, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Stone, Vinyl and Linoleum will be sparkly clean with just a few swipes!

Now you can always be ‘picture-perfect’ not only with a pretty face but also with a pleasant-looking home with the help of the right products and the tips mentioned above.
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