Basic Cleaning Materials that Workaholics Must Keep Within Reach

Basic Cleaning Materials that Workaholics Must Keep Within Reach

They say it is easier to be a workaholic than to get your life in order. It makes sense that its more convenient to make mess than to clean after yourself.

But one will soon realize how hard it can be to concentrate and give your best to your work when everything around you is a mess. We can’t deny that success is indeed messy at times but after every step, there should be some cleaning.

But if you don’t have much time to move around and put things back in order, then might as well just keep tools near you so you can pull them out anytime to do some quick cleaning.

Check out these cleaning tools that might be useful for dedicated workers who don’t have much time to spare:

Reusable towel

Whether it is for wiping off the spilled coffee, removing dirt, or bringing back the shine on your table, having a clean reusable towel beside you is very handy anytime to make sure your workplace stays a clean safe space without any hindrance around. You can use Lola all-purpose cloth for various kinds of stains, Wowables to absorb moisture on different surfaces, and Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for deep cleaning.

Handheld brush/broom

Depending on your work, different kinds of materials may scatter around requiring a tool that will help you sweep and pick up it instantly. These large pieces of waste and other particles under the table, around the office or within your workshop. You’ll find it very useful to be able to pull out any of these Lola brushes anytime; Large Scrub Brush for wide areas, Any Which Way Flexible Scrub Brush for corners and gaps, and Lola Whisk Broom to bring out stuck dust and dirt.


Dust triggers allergies and minor diseases that can worsen its negative effects in the body compromising not only your health but also the people around you. Now, it would be difficult to work if there’s an ailment that bothers you? Lola refillable Swiffer® Sweeper® Compatible Dry Sweeping Cloth is here for you, armed with a soft pad that is perfect for tough dust cleaning. 


Mops are handy when you want to fight off tough stains and dirt stuck on narrow corners or up high the ceiling. It would be disturbing to have pieces of cobwebs or particles falling around you. In this case, having one Lola Rola Sticky Mop is important as it has an extending handle that lets you reach dirt quickly no matter where they hide. No more stressful cleaning because with this tool, you can deal with your problems with just a few swipes.

Hard work will eventually pay off no matter the struggle. But it’s still better and more comforting to work with a clean environment and relax afterwards knowing that your surrounding is neat and there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Cleaning only small portions at a time can also help you a lot if you find it hard to manage your time, little by little, with the tools above, you get to focus on areas that urgently needs cleaning so you can continue working and just get back to cleaning later on.
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