SPONGE AND SCOUR: The Importance of Having them both and Using them Hand-in-Hand

SPONGE AND SCOUR: The Importance of Having them both and Using them Hand-in-Hand

In games, normally there’s always a winning and a losing side. Luckily, cleaning a whole different thing. Here it is possible to win regardless of the side you pick and we literally mean it through Lola’s Sponges and Scourers which goes hand and hand (and side by side) for various household cleaning jobs.

We offer different types of sponges and scourers made to serve specific purpose that are surely beneficial to all types of home.  Our ultimate goal is to make your life easier and better by making cleaning less stressing to you and to the other members of your household.

If you want to know more about our different sponge and scourer products, then you are in the right place. Here we will have a short but concise overview of some of our sponges so we can truly understand their features, functions, and benefits.

Our Cellulose and Synthetic based Sponges comes either with and without Scrub Layers. These scrubbing layers are all durable. Some are highly abrasive, making them perfect for tough jobs (take note that these should not be used on coated cookware, polished and delicate surfaces), some are slightly abrasive, suitable for jobs that only a little toughness (take caution as this may scratch some surfaces) and some are non-scratch to make sure your non-stick, coated cookware as well as other delicate surfaces are not only clean but also free from damage.

Meanwhile, Lola has different scourers such as the Copper Mesh, Wire Mesh, Stainless steel, and Non-Scratch Plastic Mesh. These are all made with different levels of abrasiveness so they can be gentle or tough. It depends on your needs whether you are cleaning stuck, caked on, baked mess or just a few stains and leftover food.  

If you are looking for something more, you can always choose from our list of Net Sponges, and Sponge Cloths as well. But if you want to be safe and sure, you can just stick to our Pot Brite™ Non-scratch Scouring Sponges which effectively cleans surfaces with its scourer without leaving heavy damages on your pots, pans, oven, and grills while protecting your hands with its wiping sponge. These sponges are durable, long-lasting and can be used along with any of your favorite dishwashing detergents. No need to worry of rust, corrosion, or harmful splinters as there are no metallic parts.

With a sponge and scourer combined in one cleaning tool, you save money and time as you can buy and use them both at the plates and at the same time! You even have the freedom to choose which side you will be using on different types of cookware. This way you are in direct control of maintaining them as you can help prolong their lifespan by avoiding the use of materials that can cause them damage and scratches. Rest assured that they won’t wear and tear easily even if they have sensitive surfaces because you can always count on the gentleness of our sponges. On the other hand, the scourer is there for any tough dishwashing and cleaning jobs.

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