Simple Cleaning Hacks from the Pros

Simple Cleaning Hacks from the Pros

It's imperative to keep your homes neat and orderly, but it’s no secret that most of the time, it’s hard to do this consistently. Having a clean home encourages a nice atmosphere; however, it is difficult to get rid of the clingy dust and germs. And you're not alone if you find it exhausting to try to keep your entire house tidy all the time. In addition to the sinks and toilets, there are a ton of undiscovered spots that need cleaning.

Luckily, the internet is a great source of cleaning tips and tricks and we consolidated some of the best hacks straight from the professionals!

Use a pillow case for your ceiling fans

Perfectly cleaning a ceiling fan is a difficult chore. However, a creative approach might work wonders in helping you achieve your cleaning objectives. A pillowcase can be an excellent tool for cleaning all dirt and dust off ceiling fan blades. To thoroughly clean the length of the blade, drag the pillowcase's open end. It will make it possible for the dirt to be kept inside the casing. Use this trick to obtain a miraculous outcome without endangering the fan.

Remove furniture marks with steam

A small ding in furniture can significantly impact how well-kept the rooms in your home are. The ideal method is to utilize the advantages of steam to get rid of any stains or blemishes from the furniture. Take a damp piece of cloth and iron it for a few minutes. Use a fork or spoon to apply the cloth to the designated mark. The mark will miraculously disappear.

Create your own DIY grout cleaner

For a quick and efficient homemade grout cleaning, use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in equal amounts. Those filthy tiles won't stand a chance against your natural cleaning abilities.

Soak your showerhead in a bag of vinegar

Searching for a hands-free method to thoroughly clean your shower head? Low water pressure and irregular water streams might be brought on by mineral buildup and filth on your showerhead. Shower heads can be thoroughly cleaned without needing to be removed. Simply use a rubber band to fasten a bag of vinegar to the showerhead. Make sure the vinegar covers every hole before letting it sit for the night. You may expect a mineral and gunk-free showerhead.

Mark your old sponges to avoid cross-contamination

Kitchen sponges should be replaced frequently since they are a haven for bacteria –luckily, Lola Products has a wide range for your sponge needs! Before discarding them, you should clean your home's dirtier spaces like the bathroom or floors with old dish or countertop sponges. Cut a corner off your kitchen sponge the next time you determine it is too filthy to use on dishes or surfaces. This will identify it as a utility sponge forever, preventing accidental usage on sanitary items.

Use pumice stone to remove stubborn stains

Making your bathroom sparkle is one of the most difficult tasks in house cleaning – probably because of its reputation of being excessively filthy. Removing all lingering water stains from the entire bathroom is a difficult task. Use this trick to get rid of the yellow water stains and finish the cleaning job successfully. Wet a pumice stone, then rub the stains with it. Wash the area with fresh water after a little while. Surprisingly, all strong marks will disappear.

It is a clear reality that keeping your home tidy is no laughing matter. Although engaging some skilled cleaning professionals can make this process simple and hassle-free, knowing a few simple cleaning hacks straight from these professionals would also benefit you in the long run.

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