Simple and Powerful Cleaning Hacks You Have to Try Right Now!

Simple and Powerful Cleaning Hacks You Have to Try Right Now!

If you absolutely despise cleaning, raise your hand. Yes, I think we can all agree to that. Nevertheless, cleaning your house doesn't have to be a hassle owing to these helpful and quite clever cleaning tips. The best part is that most of these hacks employ everyday materials and do-it-yourself cures that you already have in your household.

Bowl of Water and a Lemon. A combination of these items can be used to quickly clean and deodorize your microwave. Simply slice a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a microwave-safe bowl, and then add the water. After about three minutes in the microwave, wipe down everything. In addition to being chemical-free clean, the steam and lemon juice will also leave your microwave smelling lovely and fresh.

Cream of Tartar. Give this a try if you've ever purchased cream of tartar—that white powder you likely acquired for a baking job in the past—and wonder when the heck you'll ever use it again. Pick up your scratched plates and tableware, liberally sprinkle the area with cream of tartar, and then add water to produce a paste. With a Lola® Cellulose Sponge Cloth, rub it all in. Use soap and water to remove the residue.

Milk. No need to freak out about a red wine stain on your carpet when all you need is a fridge staple. Dab up as much of the wine as you can, then pour the milk directly over the stain and leave it to absorb the wine for about an hour. Finally, wet the affected area with water, and use a Reusable & Biodegradable Wowables® Paper Towel to dry the wet area. The milk effectively tricks the wine into absorbing into *it* rather than the carpet.

Mayonnaise (or a Hair Dryer). Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those pesky water rings on wood? Try some mayonnaise in your fridge. Simply apply a generous dollop of mayo to the water stain and set it aside. After about 15 minutes, wipe up the mayo with a Lola® 100% Cotton Cheesecloth, and the stain should be gone. But in case you've run out of mayo, simply take a hair dryer and blow it directly on the water rings. Be patient and keep the dryer close to the table's surface. It may take 10 to 15 minutes of drying time for the rings to come out, but with some patience, this trick will prove to be a lifesaver!

Black Tea. Homemade black tea can be used to clean glass surfaces such as windows and mirrors. Allow a few bags of black tea to steep in a mug of boiling water before allowing the water to cool. Then, pour it into a spray bottle. Because of its acidic content and high tannin content, black tea aids in the removal of grime, dirt, and smudges. Next, spray the glass with your cooled black tea, then wiping it down with paper towels or the Lola® Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Weve all been there before, havent we? Even if we do have everything we need on hand to get our cleaning job done quickly and easily— it still takes us forever to actually do it because our laziness prevails. Luckily, the tips and tricks above are so simple and effective, even someone who's really lazy will want to try them right now!

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