How to keep dust levels down in your home

How to keep dust levels down in your home

How to keep dust levels down in your home

Cleaning up each room in your home is no fun and no matter how often you clean, the dust always keeps coming back. It takes a lot of time, energy, and money and sometimes homeowners are simply going about cleaning the wrong way.

Dust is a combination of dead skin cells, pollen, dirt, fibers from clothing, papers, and other materials. To make matters worse, dust can often be accompanied by dust mites.

When it builds up, it can cause numerous health issues like asthma and
allergies, to name a few.  Feather dusters are a thing of the past and are far from a fool proof solution to completely removing dust.  They tend to aggravate existing dust, which will simply cause it to spread from one surface to another.  Therefore,  you will need a more suitable product to capture dust.

Many areas in our home get dirty and require more attention.  Old cleaning habits need to evolve thus, ensuring a healthier, cleaner and comfortable home environment.  While it is impossible to absolutely free your home of dust, here are some strategies to get rid of the dust.

Change your bedding every week

Dust mites love to accumulate in sheets, pillows, and mattresses. Unfortunately your super comfy bed is a major source for dust build up, plus your bedding collects dead skin, fibers from clothing and so on.  The solution - wash the sheets and pillowcases AT LEAST once a week.

Use the right vacuum and a dust mop

Dusting alone won’t pull out the dirt that's hiding deep under the carpet. What you need is a vacuum with a powerful brush that properly cleanses the rug. On vinyl, hardwood, tile, or linoleum, its best to use a product such as the Lola Flexible Dust Mop or a Lola Rola Sticky Mop that attracts dust and dirt like a magnet - plus it works on walls too!

Clean from top to bottom

Cleaning the highest surfaces first will allow gravity to do its job and hard to reach dust becomes easy to pick up - work your way down and sweep the dust on the floor.  Instead of dusting with the old feather duster, use a microfiber cleaning cloth or our rub away eraser pads, which capture the dust, not spread it around. Nothing beats it!

Purify the air while you clean the house

If you have allergies or asthma-like symptoms, you should definitely consider getting an air purifier.  It filters the dust particles, so you the air you're breathing is free from any allergens.  Keep in mind that air conditioning filters should be washed and cleaned or changed at least twice a month, as they too accumulate dirt, dust and allergens. If you choose to wash them rather than change them, make sure to air-dry these filters prior turning on the AC.

Keep tidy closets

Clothes stored in closets shed lots of fiber and overtime collect dust. You can definitely make closets easier to keep clean, which will extremely cut down on dust. Put your off-season clothing in garment bags, boxes or even plastic containers to limit its shedding.

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