Eight Cleaning Tasks You Can Do in Less Than 10 Minutes

Eight Cleaning Tasks You Can Do in Less Than 10 Minutes

After a long day of work, beating deadlines, and meeting the demands of everyday life, house cleaning is probably the last thing you want to do. Ultimately our homes suffer because, simply, we don’t have the luxury of time to do it or perhaps you just hate cleaning 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Hiring a cleaning lady is a great alternative option, but it's expensive in the long run and not everyone can afford to do so. Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful.

While it is true that finding time for these chores can be difficult, we've come up with some tricks that allow you to clean different areas of your home in less than 10 minutes to keep your house squeaky clean. Here are eight cleaning tasks you can do in less than 10 minutes!

Walk the Floor with a Lola Rola Sticky Mop

Lola Rola Sticky Mop

This versatile cleaning gadget is “like a vacuum without a cord”. The specially
formulated sticky paper can pick up any dirt, dust, debris, hair and so much more.
Run it over floors, ceilings, and even walls to catch that pesky dirt in less than five
minutes!  It not only picks up debris left behind by vacuums, but it's perfect for cleaning up pet hair/fur - definitely a must have for pet owners!

Clean all the grime in your microwave

Imagine the horror of heating up your favorite pasta and you open up your
microwave and it looks like a battlefield. One perfect solution that is easy and quick is to place a microwave safe bowl filled with one cup of water and 3-4 tablespoons of white vinegar. Heat on high for about 5 minutes. Let it sit for another 5 minutes then wipe the grime with a Lola Anti-Microbial Clean n’ Wipe Cloth which can be reused over time.

Deodorize Carpet with Baking Soda

Baking soda can help to clean and deodorize your carpet in between regular
professional cleanings, plus it is economical and eco-friendly. Sprinkle a generous
amount of baking soda over your carpet (works on mattresses too), and leave it for about 10 minutes. Vacuum the area and it will leave your carpet looking and smelling fresh!

Clean your A/C Filter

Over time your air condition filter collects dust and it is essential to keep it clean so your A/C will run properly and the air in your home clean. Cleaning it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Simply, pull out the filter and wash it with dishwashing liquid and rinse, then air dry. Once dry, snap it back into the unit.

Throw Away your Old Medicines

Most us are guilty for not throwing out expired medicines. Expired medicines are
detrimental to our health, hence, we should ditch those old medicines in our
medicine cabinet anyway, but it will also clear out some cabinet space! 

Clean your Toilet with Coke

This may sound weird, but it works! Fill the toilet bowl with two cups of Coca-Cola
and leave it overnight  The next day flush it all away. Good bye stubborn hard water stains!

Dust your Light Bulbs and Fixtures

Little did you know, your light bulbs collect enormous dust over time and if they are grimy and dirty, they will make your house look a little dim and nobody wants that. To dust your light bulbs easily, first make sure that your light is turned off and cool enough to touch, then simply dust it off with a Turkey Feather Duster to
remove light dusts.

For heavy dust with grime, you can remove the bulb and rub it with a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Easy peasy!

Maximize your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is not only limited to washing dirty dishes and pans, but also everything from plastic toys, baseball hats, makeup brushes, and kitchen sponges to shining up hammers and screw drivers.  Dishwashers are very versatile and can clean so much more than most people realize. 

You can do so in less than 10 minutes with zero effort required. Bottom line is, no matter how busy you are, house cleaning is achievable without spending too much time on it. If you do it on a regular basis, you will be quite surprised at the difference it can make at your home.

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