How to Get Rid of Top Five Stubborn Carpet Stains

How to Get Rid of Top Five Stubborn Carpet Stains

How to Get Rid of Top Five Stubborn Carpet Stains

Carpets are a wonderful addition to home decor as it warms up a room by adding nice color, texture and patterns, however, every carpet is prone to coffee spills, shoe stains, or worse yet: pet urine.  Not to mention the day-to-day foot traffic that can make it look dingy.  No matter how meticulous you are in attempting to keep them looking their best, regular vacuuming can damage carpet fibers in the long run.

So what exactly can you do to get your carpet looking like brand new? Here are some tips to clean carpet stains by type.

Coffee Stains

Everyone loves coffee, it awakens your soul, but accidentally spilling it all over your carpet awakens the Kraken in you. The yellowish-brown tone can leave a carpet looking filthy if not treated right away. The fix? Dry the spot with a kitchen towel and blot as much of the coffee as you can. Then mix a tablespoon of liquid dish soap, two warm cups of water and a table spoon of white vinegar. Using a cleaning pad, dampen the stain with the mixture and simultaneously blot with a dry kitchen towel until the stain disappears. Finish it by dampening with cold water and blot dry.

Mud & Soil Stains

Muddy footprints are bound to happen, especially if you have children. To get rid of the mud, let it dry first, then crumble it to pieces and vacuum. Once done, mix a drop of liquid soap with warm water and blot the stain away. Dry it with a clean sponge cloth after.

Pet Stains and Urine

It’s impossible not to love your adorable pets, however, at some point pet owners are surely faced with the challenge of cleaning up a mess from their well beloved pets. If there is a pet surprise, the first step is to clean up the initial mess, then mix one cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of warm water and put mixture in a spray bottle. Spray on soiled area and let it sit for about five minutes. F inally, blot dry with a clean towel. To get rid of the funky odor, you may sprinkle baking soda on the stain and clean it with a water/vinegar mixture.

How about pet hair? Get rid of it by using a Lola Rola Sticky Mop, which is like a vacuum without a cord and can pick up generous amount of pet hair and other debris - plus you will save money on your power bill!


Accident are bound to occur - from cuts, nicks, small cuts or nose bleeds - and can streak blood all over your lovely carpet. A blood stain is considered among the most stubborn of stains for any fabric surface, thanks to hemoglobin. However, getting rid of blood stains is actually easier than you think. Pour a cap full or two of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution directly over the stain. Let it sit for five minutes, then blot it with an all purpose sponge dipped in clean water. Dab dry with a towel afterwards.

Oil Based Stains

We get it, you can’t leave the house without putting your make up on, but what do you do when that lipstick accidentally drops on your carpet? The solution is to scrape the stain with a Rubaway Eraser Pad dipped in rubbing alcohol and dab with a clean towel. Repeat several times for heavy-duty stains.

While there are so many techniques to clean your carpet, there are still some instances when home carpet stain removal remedies are not enough. This is when a reputable, professional carpet cleaning company can be called upon to help you and return carpet into its former glory. When all of these strategies are used, you can definitely win he battle against these stubborn carpet stains.

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