Five Routine Things Professional Cleaning Services Do Everyday

Five Routine Things Professional Cleaning Services Do Everyday

Five Routine Things Professional House Cleaners Do Everyday

And Why We Should Adapt the Same Techniques..

It's safe to say none of us like cleaning during our downtime, especially when our homes are full of nothing but overwhelming dirty surfaces and clutter. It’s a disaster!

Juggling between work and home is really a struggle. And while we are doing all the scrubbing, vacuuming, and dusting, there are several areas in our home that we tend to overlook during our cleaning ritual, hence they collect dust and dirt in the process.

Cleaning our homes is a never ending process and it’s true, the work doesn’t stop. Thus a lot of people choose to hire professional house cleaning services to make their lives easier. However, little do many realize, most professional cleaners are selective on the tasks that they believe are essential to carry out on a daily basis. Below are five things pro cleaners do every day and why we should
adapt the same techniques to keep things squeaky clean.

They Vacuum Common Areas

It is imperative to vacuum high traffic areas like your living room and kitchen. Your carpets and door mats should be cleaned at the same time to reduce and trap the dust and allergens that may suspend in the air we breathe, therefore causing allergies and other health issues. Vacuuming these areas won’t take more than fifteen minutes to accomplish, so start doing it before it’s too late!

They Wipe Bathroom Walls

Right after showering, we often overlook how wet our shower areas are, making them a perfect environment for mildew to thrive in. Quick solution - grab a squeegee or a clean n’ wipe cloth and run it across the walls. It won’t take you more than five minutes to do it and it can save you from having to scrub stains after.

They Disinfect Things We Touch Daily

Most of us clean the things we should every day, but the truth of the matter is a lot of stuff in our homes that we touch and handle on a daily basis collect germs and microbes that could potentially harm us. For instance, your small electronics like mobile phone, remote control, keys and even your eyeglasses are often the filthiest items in the home. Disinfect these items front and back using anti-microbial wipes at least every other day to keep it clean and sanitary.

They Wipe Bathroom Counters

After each and every use, these pro cleaners wipe counters with a microfiber cloth to reduce the buildup of hard water, soap scum and other stains that will prevent you from having to clean more thoroughly later on.

They Take The Garbage Out Every Morning

Mornings are the best time to empty and take your garbage out every day. Instead of letting discarded food items and other trash sit in your garbage can, which, of course is a perfect medium for bacteria to grow, throw them out and disinfect your bin after. This will keep your home smelling fresh!

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