Giving Your Home Office a Professional and 'Video-Conference-Ready' Look

Giving Your Home Office a Professional and 'Video-Conference-Ready' Look

It’s safe to say that with what’s going around nowadays, the work from home (WFH) setting is the most preferable option right now for many employees especially because physical distancing is a must. But this doesn’t mean there will be no interaction between workers, supervisors, and their bosses.

Video conferencing and meeting via online apps such as zoom are a common practice even before the pandemic but surely, there is an unprecedented increase in its use. This means people will still see each other to discuss their work. This would be weird if done wearing pjs or daily ‘at-home’ clothing.

Unlike regular video calls with our love ones and friend, people have to look neat and presentable during meetings to keep it professional. But this discussion won’t focus on people’s physical appearance but more the background and the setting that are visible to other people on the screen.

Looking for a white or plain-colored wall will be an easy-fix. But that may look boring and it can make people less likely to listen or pay attention when someone’s talking. Having even a little of design may add color and lift the mood especially when talking about important and crucial matters. So here we will be talking about tips on how to organize your background for your next zoom call.

Clean the wall and all hanging decorations

If you are the kind of person that lowkey wants to showcase pictures, paintings, and other embellishments on your wall, at least make sure they will be appealing not only to you but to people that will see it. Not for the purpose of distracting them but just to make sure they wouldn’t be disturbed either.

Having a good background with a clean wall and just the right amount of wall designs may help them feel good and become more willing to lend you their ears. It might even brighten their mood, encourage them to help in brainstorming and become more productive.

A sweep of Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ on your wall will do the trick removing stuck dust, hair, and other debris that may become visible in the call. Keeping the wall clean will also help highlight its color and emphasize the shine of the decorations.

Organize and wipe any furniture or ornaments

Meanwhile, if you pick a table or rack full of decorations as your background, make sure they are organized and free of dust and dirt. You might think that people might not notice but who knows, someone might be too attentive to detail and becomes easily distracted.

With Lola Wowables™, we got you covered. This reusable cleaning cloth is perfect for vases, picture frames, and figurine making sure that they are not covered in dust or grime. It also works for mirrors, glass decorations, and other stuff at your work desk.

Avoid turning your back on a door.

You can look all over the need and see clips of video calls where unsuspecting people, kids, and even pets accidentally barge in while the person is having a conversation. It is surely an embarrassing moment for the people in the call.

To avoid this, we advise you not to turn away your back at a door and use it as your background when joining a group call. This will not only prevent unnecessary distractions but it will also protect the privacy of the other people that might not want to be part of the conversation. We also recommend you to keep your screen at eye level and avoid using the bird’s or worm’s eye view when you’re in a call with your workmates.

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