FILL YOUR HOME WITH LOVE: Cleaning Your Home for the Love Month

FILL YOUR HOME WITH LOVE: Cleaning Your Home for the Love Month

Love is truly in the air, but so is dirt and dust especially if you are not doing enough cleaning in your home. This means bacteria can also easily grow and fester on walls, ceiling and floor, immediately turning your home from being filled with warmth into a house of horror. What a bad way to spend the month of February.

If home is really where the heart is, hence, it’s important that we devote ourselves in making it a wonderful place. So, here are some cleaning tips for your very own home:

Make Sure Everything Is Fresh

From the sheets, to your kitchen and cleaning supplies, it would be so good to have everything new. However, this does not mean you have to spend and impulse buy new things because simply having clean and usable equipment is enough to keep you from doing your daily routine; cleaning, preparing food, going to work, etc.

Our curtains, pillowcases, and bedsheets at home pick up a lot of dust and dirt from the outside when the windows are open or when we lay down instantly right after coming from the outside. Therefore, it is important to have them replaced or cleaned regularly.  That won’t be so hard especially using Lola Rola Sticky Mop which is effective against dust stuck at the edge of curtains while the Wowables can be used on wiping stains or brushing off dirt from pillow sheets in case you don’t want to change them yet. 

If you have flowers on vases at home, regularly replacing its water is important too, to avoid insects such as mosquitoes from reproducing and contaminating the water.

Bring in Some New Plants

Nothing can feel as good as being able to breath into clean and fresh air, proving that having plants inside the home is not only a fresh for the sight but also for our whole well-being. Thus, for an added freshness, why don’t you buy some new indoor plants or plant them yourself if possible. If you already have some, constantly check if there’s plants that have dried up and cut it to keep the plant fresh making your living room brighter.

Fill Every Room with Some New Cool Scents

Always clean and refill your air humidifier, try experimenting by adding some new scent to bring a fresher and cooler feeling within your room. You can also use some scent spray or scented candles for relaxation. Scented insect repellents are also available for some pleasant-smelling pest killing.

Re-Organize Furniture and Free Up Some Space.

Space is important to breath and to move around. Donate or throw away stuff that are not useful for you anymore. Clean corners and walls using the Lola Rola Sticky Mop which is highly effective when used to remove dust on furniture and high walls. Meanwhile, Lola Angle Broom is handy to sweep clean the floor after you have moved things around. 

Bring Out Framed Family Pictures

Family pictures bring lots of memories. They are good for display as they make us reminisce the good times. So constantly wipe them with Lola Cellulose Sponge Cloth aka "Swedish Cloths" and avoid getting them from wet so the developed photo or printed image won’t tear off or get destroyed.

Valentine’s season would surely become much sweeter and better if you have a clean home; whether you are spending this day with your family, friends, or pet, it is always better when you have a fresh surrounding where you can freely do all the things that you love.

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