Effective (Yet Stylish) Sponges and Scrub Brushes for Your Kitchen Needs

Effective (Yet Stylish) Sponges and Scrub Brushes for Your Kitchen Needs

You might be surprised to know that most people would rather take on any other household chore (say, scrubbing the toilets, doing laundry, and taking out the trash)—than to do the dishes. Yes, you read that right! Dishes with hard stuck-on food, plus those grimy old sponges, aren’t exactly something that most people look forward to engage with. 

But whether you like it or not, your dirty dishes are not capable of cleaning themselves. Good news! There’s a lineup of Lola® products that might just help you tackle those piles of dishes with ease and in style:

  • Lola® Dish Brush, with Scraper. This product may appear like a standard grocery store item, but if you look a little closer, it has a few key features that make it one of the best tools out there for your kitchen. It’s made of durable, poly-fiber, odor-resistant, non-scratch bristles. It has a built-in scraper that removes caked or stuck-on items, thus saving you from having to press down and flatten the bristles. It has an easy to hold handle that won’t slip even with wet or soapy hands. Definitely, this is your basic but highly effective dish brush.
  • Eco Clean™ Bamboo Bottle Brush. This is a non-scratching poly-fiber bristle brush specifically intended for cleaning glasses, jars, coffee pots, vases, and blenders. Its ergonomic bamboo handle is very sustainable and durable, and has a hole in it for easy storage in the kitchen.
  • Lola® Soap Dispensing Dish Wand, with Changeable Sponge Head. An amazing product with a refillable soap dispensing handle and a heavy duty food scraper for added cleaning power. Its super absorbent sponge head is strong when it comes to scrubbing surfaces with baked on messes. You can literally clean your dishes with soap and detergent without having to constantly reach for the soap bottle when in need of more. Indeed, a dishwasher that you hold in your hand!
  • “The Original” Tampico Vegetable and Dish Brush. A multi-purpose kitchen brush with bristles made from natural Tampico fiber, and a handle made from high-quality, eco-friendly, sustainable hardwood. It’s generally safe to use in most surfaces; just apply softer pressure for vegetable, fruits and coated cookware, while you may go a bit harder on other dishes, pots and pans. Aside from its usefulness, since it’s made from plant fibers and wood, using this can help create less waste. In addition, it can also last for a long time—unlike traditional sponges, they won't succumb to stains, stuck-on food bits, or warping.

The above dish sponges and brushes may just be some of the best choices for your specific kitchen tasks. There’s no guarantee that the best dish sponges and brushes will make you enjoy doing the dishes, but they can certainly make dish duty a little bit easier and bearable!

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