Easy Hacks for Lazy Cleaners

Easy Hacks for Lazy Cleaners

Even if we always feel like doing nothing, there’s really a thing or to that we can’t escape from. This includes cleaning, unless we pay for it or we have someone who will be willing to do it for us. Unfortunately, most of us are don’t have that. Also, paying for your home to be cleaned regularly will be expensive so it would be really practical if you would do it yourself. But don’t worry, because if you are 100% lazybones, here area some tips we gathered to help you out:

Practice Using Liners under Cookware When Preparing Food

Whether you are cutting, mixing, sifting, filtering, or transferring food, it is advisable that you use a material that you can put under your cookware to catch any leak or spill and avoid any unnecessary cleaning. Most of the people who do this trick use plastic or paper towels. But we know a more preferable solution: Lola Wowables™!

That’s right. This reusable cleaning cloth is not only effective when used for wiping different surfaces. It is also made versatile enough that it can now be used for other tasks such as preparing and cooking food. Aside from saving you from additional cleaning caused by fallen ingredients, it also cuts your expenses significantly because unlike plastic and paper, it is washable so it can be used over and over again!

Practice ‘Spot’ Cleaning regularly instead of Scheduling a General one

If you are someone who already feels tired even just with the thought of cleaning your whole house, then we have a tip for you; it’s okay to take your time and clean little by little instead of working on everything at once. It’s understandable if you don’t want to pressure yourself and if you feel that you will be productive if you take it easy. Perhaps you can start with the windows and the walls first. Our Lola Rola Sticky Mop is here to lend you a hand in removing dirt and dust from your home’s foundations in no time. After that you can take a break and do something else then start cleaning again, but this time, work on another area of the house such as the floors. Do some sweeping with Lola Angle Broom. Practice this daily and last thing you’ll know; you’re done with your goals!

Avoid Building Up Clutter

Regularly checking your belongings and purging items that are not useful anymore will save you a lot of time and effort instead of hoarding and dealing with a bigger problem in the future. It’s understandable if you are sentimental and wanted to hold on to things but you must also analyze if a certain thing is really worth it to keep. Not only will these piles of unused stuff occupy space but they will also arbor dust and dirt that will give your home an unpleasant smell and may trigger allergies and other diseases!

So, if you are someone who is concerned of your home’s cleanliness and your family’s health, then start looking into corners and hidden containers for things that can be given or thrown away because there are thousands of ways you can use that extra space to make your home lovelier!

Use the right tools when cleaning sensitive surfaces such as Glass

In our efforts to try and find cheap and quick ways to clean the surfaces in our home including glass and mirrors, we unconsciously go into deeper trouble, making our problem even bigger! One good thing about being lazy is if you are using it to think of ways not to quicken cleaning but how you can make your cleaning more EFFECTIVELY. So, when dealing with mirrors or glass, we advise you not to use paper towels as they can leave scratches on glass. Instead, use a sponge such as our Pot Brite™ Non-Scratch Scouring Sponge in one direction on one side of the glass and the opposite direction on the other side so that if you miss a spot, it's then easy to tell which side of the glass it's on. Remember that you have to use the soft side so you won’t damage the glass. But don’t worry because you can still use the scouring side on other surfaces such as in your patio.

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