Cleaning Tips for Hotel and Resort Owner

Cleaning Tips for Hotel and Resort Owner

The news of the COVID-19 vaccine is heaven sent for hotel, resorts, and other recreation businesses. It gives hope to the possibility of going back to normal operations.

Along with this good news is another challenge; to start preparing for the return of patrons and the surge of travelers who will be catching up with the trips and journeys that they dearly missed.

Owners and managers can now start briefing their utility personnel regarding the safety measures and protocol that they should be implementing to ensure the cleanliness of their facilities and the safety of their guests. After all, COVID is still out there and transmission is still possible.

Here are some tips that you can give your cleaning staff in preparation for the recovery of the hotel industry:

Stock Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths are essential if you are maintaining a huge building with many rooms. There are countless of surfaces to wipe especially if you have been stagnant for months.

This is on top of the regular cleaning needed to avoid dust and dirt buildup. Therefore, it is only wise to advise your staff to start securing a supply of fresh, clean towels that they will use on cleaning.

We highly suggest our very own Wowables™. This super absorbent, durable, and reusable cleaning towel is ready to make your hotel livelier than ever.

It also comes in different vibrant colors to match the theme of your grand hotel. They make great placemats to protect tables from extreme temperature or leaks.

Meanwhile, for germ killing and thorough surface cleaning, we recommend Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths for you.

This product is perfect for maintaining property and facilities because rest assured that no streak, scratch, or stain would be left on surfaces. 

They can also serve as potholder if you have nothing to transfer and move hot cookware in your hotel’s kitchen.

Be Meticulous on Dusting Equipment

Aside from wiping equipment, dusting tools are also important. It is good if you have vacuum units that your employees can use. But how about deep corners, narrow crevices and high locations such as the ceiling?

We have the answers for you. Let’s start with the all-around Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ with 30 easy-to-tear sheets that can be used to pick up all sorts of debris.

This mop is designed with an elongated handle for your to reach the top of furniture and even the ceiling.

If you have plans of painting anew your hotel, this one is useful too for pre-paint cleaning.

360° Extender Duster Set on the other hand is a smaller version, yet almost the same efficiency. This one is better for blinders, windows, mirrors, and other related surfaces.

Its Dust Catching Fibers can rotate 360 degrees to make sure all sides are cleaned. It also has a handle extending up-to 3 Feet to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Choose The Right Floor Cleaners

Imagine mopping a vast floor area, within a multi-storey building, that alone is difficult already. What more if you actually clean it yourself? 

Well, that wouldn’t be a problem with Lola The Evolution™ Microfiber Self-Washing Mop System. Its name speaks for itself.

Your utility staff don’t have to handle the mop head anymore and get dirty because its compartment bucket can already wring out excess water from the mop.

Its head has microfibers that scrubs dirt off the floor and absorbs the dirty water away, giving you shinier and cleaner hotel floors.

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