Babyproofing your home: The Do's and Don’ts

Babyproofing your home: The Do's and Don’ts

Welcoming a new baby in your home is not all fun and games because there are serious preparations to do before the infant finally arrives. Obviously, the baby won’t do much when inside the house aside from sleeping all day. But the parents as well as the other members of the household will have lots of responsibilities. So, lack of preparations will make things much more difficult to handle when the baby is already there. That’s why its important to settle everything ahead of time.

If you are one of those who are expecting a new family member soon, check these tips on how you can prepare your home before welcoming the new member of the family:

First of all, the baby’s first months will require very close attention from the parents so they are expected to be placed very close to where the parents will be sleeping; either on a crib or on the bed itself. But regardless of these two, what matters is that the things around the infant must be kept safe.

Avoid putting large, heavy pillows and blankets that might be a source of accidents. Aside from making sure that all clothing beddings are hypoallergenic, they must also be checked and cleaned regularly to make sure there are no dirt and dust trapped in them. Using Lola Swiffer® Sweeper® Compatible Dry Sweeping Cloth, harmful dust and allergens can be removed not only within the bed but also on the surrounding appliances and wood furniture

You also have to ensure that all openings such as windows and doors, as well as corners, gaps, and furniture are all dust-free to protect the baby who is still vulnerable, sensitive, and prone to diseases. Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ can come in handy because unlike other mops created only for floor cleaning, this one is completely versatile and can be used on the ceiling and on walls.

It is also important to always have a towel by your side as it will come in handy for wiping toys and other baby equipment. Avoid using makeshift rugs to clean materials that will come into contact with the child as it could put him/her at risk.

Only use a tool made out of safe and effective cleaning material just like Lola AntiMicrobial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths which is perfect in preventing the growth of bacteria. In case of milk spills or when your baby has unexpectedly taken a leak or gone number two without his/her diaper, you can rely on Lola Wowables™ to clean surfaces. It is effective, free from harmful chemicals, and more durable and long lasting compared to regular paper towels! It is also reusable and it comes in many pieces per roll so it is practical and cost-effective.

These are just the basic and general tips that you have to keep in mind. There might be others that are suitable depending on your situation and lifestyle. What’s important is that you keep the safety and wellbeing of the child as the number one priority because unlike material things which can easily be bought, our little one’s life is irreplaceable.
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