SECRET LIFE OF PESTS: How To Deal With Pest Infestation Using Regular Cleaning Tools

SECRET LIFE OF PESTS: How To Deal With Pest Infestation Using Regular Cleaning Tools

Think of this riddle “What lives with you at home that you may cross paths with almost every day yet you are not always aware of?”

Sounds like an intro for a horror story, right? Except that this is scarier because this happens in real life.

Pests comes in different types but what’s common to them is they often exists out of our sight and it’s difficult to turn a blind eye especially knowing that deep within your very home, there are creatures creeping in the shadows, lurking in the dark bringing slow destruction while putting you at risk of illnesses.

Whether its mice, termites, fleas, or other insects, they are all the same when it comes to bringing disruption and damage to your home, furniture, and other belongings, the only difference is the level of destruction and the effects that they bring.

But, don’t lose hope because using simple tools, you can prevent them from festering and growing. Check out some of these things to start your resistance and reclaim your house:


Leftover crumbs and other particles may serve as a source of food to insects. This attracts and support the growth of the pest’s population which eventually leads to a bigger trouble.

Indeed, spiders and their webs help in controlling the number of insects in the surrounding. But they must have their place and you must have yours. Plus, they also have their fair share of trouble contribute in collecting dirt which falls and sticks on the walls, floor and furniture.

With Lola Rola Sticky Mop, not only can you assure that no food source can draw pests within your home, but you can keep spiders away and collect the web they have left on the corners of your home.

Cleaning Cloth

Meanwhile, wet and dirty surfaces are considered paradise for mice, roaches and other insects. But, with the use of Lola Wowables and Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths, you can deal with moisture and prevent dirt from building up into grime which harbor germs or bacteria towards your home.

Sponges and Scourers

Sponges are also useful to absorb moisture from droplets and spills to avoid attracting unwanted attention from critters while steel and copper scourer can be used to block holes and gaps where most of these pests enter your home. Use Lola Jumbo Stainless Steel Scourer so mice won’t be able to enter your home anymore. They can’t chew or nibble on it so they will be helpless and left with no choice but to stay away!

In your battle against these unwanted tenants which brings nothing but destruction and sickness, your ultimate weapons are within reach. Knowing how to use them saves you money and time because you don’t have to buy expensive chemicals and tools or hire services to do the job for you.

It’s true that knowing your enemy is one thing to beat them but what assures your victory is knowing and understanding that things that you can use to defeat them.

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