1-Minute Summer Cleaning Tasks

1-Minute Summer Cleaning Tasks

Whether you are working or studying right now, we are sure that you already came to the point of being so busy before that you don’t have time anymore to do other things that must be done like cleaning for example.

That’s why when your schedule becomes so hectic, the only option that’s left is to seek help from someone else. This gives relief. However, it often comes with a price.

But what if we tell you that cleaning is possible even just in a minute? There are tasks that you can do so quickly that you’ll be finished before you know it. All you need are cleaning tools that are made for efficient and quick cleaning.

Here we have listed the cleaning tasks that you can do in 60 seconds including the tools that you can use to accomplish them.

Wipe Tables with Wowables™Whether it’s in the dining table, kitchen counter, side tables, or whatever other tables you have at home, our reusable cleaning cloth will surely work its magic on it. It is treated with anti-microbial agents that has zero-tolerance on bacterial growth so just a few wipes even without any cleaning solutions will make your tables clean once again.

Remove Stains with Lola Sticky Mop™One swipe and this tool’s sticky mop head will remove stain and collect all other unnecessary debris on your walls. Unlike usual mops that are for floor only, this one can be used on many other surfaces. It also doesn’t need water or cleaning solution to work, saving you a great deal of time on soaking and wringing out. You just have to tear it after it has been filled and throw it in your garbage bin while another clean sheet awaits for next time. Everything possible under 60 seconds.

Dust off furniture with Lola 360° Extender Duster Set Do you have a dirty couch, cabinet, or windows at home? This modernized duster has your back. A quick sweep on top, side, and under pieces of furniture using this cleaning tool will help you eliminate allergens in no time. It even has an extendable handle giving you convenience and ease when reaching for narrow gaps and corners.

Now you don’t have to worry about having a messy home especially when you always need to head out early for work or for your classes. No more hiring of a helping hand to clean your home for you. This will only increase your expenses.

There’s definitely no need to always wake up and rise early just to make time for cleaning. All you have to do is look for the right tools that will make cleaning easy and convenient for you. In this case, we’ve already listed them for you so unless you don’t have even a minute of your time, then you can apply these in your life as early as possible.  Maybe this is also a good time to assess your life-work schedule because we’re pretty sure that having absolutely zero time with yourself or for your home is unhealthy.

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