Wire Mesh Lint Trap - 2 pack, 12" Long each, comes with Two Zip Ties

Lola Products

SKU: 405

  • 12" Long Each, 2 PACK
  • Galvanized Steel Knitted Flat Wire Mesh Lint Trap
  • Traps Lint for Washing Machine Drain Hoses
  • Comes with 2 Nylon Zip Ties to Secure Tightly to Hose
  • Closed on One End
  • Odor Resistant

Some Great Benefits of Using our Wire Mesh Lint Traps:

1) Lint Traps Protect your Drain Pipes from Messy Washing Machine Discharge

2) Lint Traps Keep Your Sinks Cleaner

3) Lint Traps Protect Your Septic Sewage System

You can protect your household plumbing with our Lola® Brand Lint Trap Item# 405, just easily attach it to your washing machine hose. It's an easy and very affordable "insurance policy" that may very well prevent bigger, much more expensive damage.  Read more detail about the benefits here.