Cheesecloth 100% Cotton - 3 Sq. Yards

Lola Products

SKU: 440

  • Light Thread Count 100% Cotton Food Grade Cheesecloth for Cooking
  • Poultry Wrapping, Straining and for Cheese Making
  • Cloth Can Also Be Used for Polishing, Cleaning and Dusting
  • Lint Free!
  • Reusable- just clean with a mild detergent and warm water

Do you make cheese, tofu and ghee? Do you strain stocks and/or custard? Our Item# 440 is a loosely woven, similar to guaze style material, cotton cloth. It is mostly used in food prep and/or cooking.  By virtue of its name, its not hard to see that its main use is for the the production of cheese.

Lola® Brand cheesecloth is also great for stuffing poultry, roasting turkey/chicken, spice wraps,   wine making, and more.