Sponges & Scourers - Items tagged as "New products"

Lola® Brand Sponges and Scourers consist of a wide array of household cleaning products to suite a variety of jobs. In sponges, we carry Cellulose and Synthetic Based with and without Scrub Layers (Cellulose Sponge is a natural product made of wood pulp, Synthetic Sponges are polyurethane based). The scrubbing layers come in highly abrasive Heavy Duty for tough jobs (keep away from coated cookware, polished and delicate surfaces), an All Purpose Scrub Layer which is slightly abrasive, for jobs that you need a little toughness (these may scratch some surfaces) and Non Scratch Light Duty version – safe for most non-stick and coated cookware as well as many delicate surfaces. Our Pot Brite™ Hydrocell™ Sponges consist of an hydrophilic foam that has superior absorption, along with a Coated Layer for Scrubbing that does not trap foods. Our Scourer selection consists of Heavy Duty Flat Wire in Pure Copper, Copper Coated and Galvanized Mesh, for baked on caked on messes™. Other items include Stainless Steel Scourers (will not rust, rinses clean) and Non-Scratch Plastic Mesh versions. Lola® Brand Housewares Cleaning Tools also include the popular magical Rubaway™ Eraser Pads, Wonder Scourers™, Net Sponges, and Sponge Cloths. All this and more.